Swift Networks secures contract with McKenzie Aged Care Group

Swift Networks SW1 ASX McKenzie Aged Care Group

Leading telecommunications and content solutions provider Swift Networks Group (ASX: SW1) has secured a material contract with McKenzie Aged Care Group, which represents a further milestone in the company’s expansion in the aged care sector.

Key Highlights:

  • Swift signs material contract to provide its award-winning entertainment and connectivity solution to McKenzie Aged Care Group, comprising 16 aged care facilities with 1,700 bed licenses across the Australian east coast.
  • This significant agreement further validates Swift’s recent acquisitions in the Aged Care sector and proves Swift’s ability to capitalise on these acquisitions by offering a fully integrated, aged care specific solution which assists customers in providing high quality entertainment and connectivity services to residents.
  • This 3-year agreement builds on promising early growth for Swift in the large and attractive aged care and lifestyle village sectors and sees the company continue its geographical and market sector diversification in line with the company’s strategic plan.

Swift has agreed the terms of a material contract to provide its award-winning entertainment and connectivity solution to McKenzie Aged Care Group, an established operator with more than 1,700 bed licenses across 16 facilities on Australia’s east coast.

Swift Chief Executive Officer, Xavier Kris, said:

“We are delighted to bring our world-class digital entertainment system, tailored content and user-friendly technology to McKenzie’s residents and families.”

“In line with our strategic plan, this agreement will strengthen Swift’s footprint in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland, and drives continued value for investors from our acquisition late last year of the Web2TV business.”

“We are pleased that the tailored Swift Aged Care solution is being well received by Aged Care providers such as McKenzie, Blue Cross and Rosewood who recognize the value in the Swift offering and we are delighted to see that our acquisition and organic growth strategy is paying dividends with 3 key contract wins in this sector in the last few weeks.”

“As this and other new client wins progress through our sales pipeline, we see significant scope for Swift to help more providers in the rapidly growing aged care and retirement sector to maximise their residents’ wellbeing and keep them in close touch with their loved ones.”

About McKenzie Aged Care Group

McKenzie Aged Care Group is a family-run business operating 16 aged care facilities and more than 1,700 bed licenses across Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

Since 1998, the organisation has grown its services to meet ongoing growth in demand and the changing needs of its residents.

Today, McKenzie has grown to become one of Australia’s leading aged care and retirement providers, with each community remaining true to the McKenzie family’s vision of warm, fun and welcoming communities where all residents receive the very best in care.

McKenzie Aged Care locations throughout VIC, NSW and QLD:

McKenzie Aged Care Locations

Contract scope

Swift will bring its extensive design, construct and delivery experience to bear in the deployment of the following systems and services to McKenzie Aged Care Group’s facilities, commencing immediately with McKenzie’s new 128-room Seaton Place Aged Care facility in Cleveland, Queensland.

The roll-out to all McKenzie aged care facilities is expected to be complete by the end of September 2017 with services including:

  • Fully customised home screen on each TV screen with simple remote-control functionality.
  • Swift’s aged care specific feature called ‘My Family’ which allows families to upload pictures and messages directly to their loved one’s TV screen, through an easy-touse Swift Aged Care mobile application.
  • Enhanced aged care facility engagement through Swift’s ‘My Community’ feature which encourages community spirit and allows for community-related content to be uploaded to the resident’s TV, keeping everyone in touch and informed.
  • Swift’s aged care content package – a vast video library which has therapy and quality of life at the forefront including seated exercise classes, immersive video experiences, music therapy, armchair or virtual travel, trivia and relaxation content.
  • Swift’s integrated entertainment package including free to air TV, radio stations from around the world and a 20-channel Pay TV package.
  • Additional aged care facility functionality including noticeboard channels, facility compendiums and individual messaging to TV sets.

Swift anticipates a continued acceleration of its expansion into the aged care and retirement village sectors, complementing the company’s strong position as a trusted telco and content service provider to the resources industry.

About Swift Networks Group Limited

Swift Networks is a diversified telecommunications and content solutions provider, entertaining guests and connecting them to the world.

Swift’s connectivity and content delivery platform empowers guests to watch, play, connect and interact. Swift brings accommodation providers opportunities to generate additional revenue and offers meaningful data insights to retain existing and drive new business.

Swift sources premium multi-lingual content from around the world and curates, packages and distributes it to clients’ guests through its cloud-based platform. The company’s services include free-to-air television, pay television, telecommunications, Internet, data, wireless networks and streaming video on demand with content from some of Hollywood’s largest studios.

Running in more than 150 sites across the mining, oil, gas, aged care, retirement village and hospitality sectors, Swift’s fully integrated platform is deployed in some of the world’s harshest regions, where reliability, flexibility and scalability are critical success factors.

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