Positive study results for Cellmid’s évolis hair growth products

Cellmid CDY Evolis hair product study results

Cellmid Limited (ASX: CDY) has reported positive results following the completion of its first consumer experience study using the evolis® Professional product range.

All but one of the study participants (98%) recorded new hair growth and 97% reported decreased hair fall using the full range of the company’s evolis® Professional products over 120 days.

In addition to the efficacy results, 96% of participants felt their hair texture was improved and 87% of users improved at least one grade on the Hamilton Norwood or Ludwig hair loss scales, the internationally accepted hair loss scales for men and women.

The consumer study results are critical for Cellmid’s US premium retail strategy, and the data will be the key resource for the underlying marketing and public relations activities that drive brand awareness and sales.

The company recently reported (ASX Announcement, 3 August 2017) that it has secured ultra-premium retailer, Neiman Marcus, as its first US partner in launching the evolis® Professional hair care range.

With a 1 September 2017 launch date in Neiman Marcus, completion of the consumer experience study is timely and its highly relevant US results will be the core data source for co-branded social and digital marketing as well as the public relations activities.

The large volume of evidence collected during the study, including photographs and testimonials, demonstrates unequivocally the outstanding performance of the evolis® Professional range and sets the brand up well for competing in the premium hair care market in the United States.

The evolis® Professional branded products, developed in collaboration with Colour Collective, Cellmid’s US distribution partner, have all the hair growth benefits of the evolis® pharmacy range, with additional hair conditioning ingredients expected to deliver superior results in hair care to compete with other premium brands. These expectations have been surpassed by the US consumer experience study.

Cellmid study design, methodology and outcomes

The study was designed to:

  1. Collect efficacy data on hair loss.
  2. Collect efficacy data on hair growth.
  3. Assess the change in hair quality.
  4. Assess colour safety.
  5. Assess multiple user experience parameters such as feel, smell, lathering, conditioning, volumizing ability.

Study participants used the full range of evolis® Professional products (shampoo, conditioner and activator) over 120 days.

Monthly reviews were conducted by trained hair assessors for all 79 participants, where the results were recorded and users were photographed with a high-resolution camera in a controlled setting from several angles to document their progress.

Through the interview process a large number of positive personal testimonials were received, including a high number of users reporting increase in volume, increased curl definition, improved manageability, ease of styling and colour longevity. Users with persistent dandruff also reported improvement in their condition over the test period.

In order to assess the likelihood of compliance with use instructions, a cohort of 49 participants were also surveyed over four weeks on key measures including ease of use and comparison of the evolis® Professional range with participants’ existing products.

In addition to the efficacy results of new hair growth and a reduction of hair loss, greater than 93% were positive about the look and feel of the tonics on their scalp and 96% agreed that the system was compatible with their day to day routine.

Greater than 80% preferred the shampoos and conditioners to their usual products and felt their hair appeared more conditioned and reported no colour fade.

The findings of the consumer usage study represent an important milestone for the company and will be used extensively in the retailing of the evolis® Professional range.

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