Stargroup announces 13th quarter of record revenue growth

Stargroup STL announces 13th quarter record revenue growth

Stargroup Limited (ASX: STL) has announced that it has achieved another record quarter of revenue, the 13th in a row.

Key Highlights:

– 296% improvement in 2017 YTD total revenue compared to 2016 YTD total revenue.
– 133% increase in 2017 Q3 total revenue compared to 2016 Q3 total revenue.
– 60% improvement in 2017 YTD ATM revenue compared to 2016 YTD ATM revenue.
– 27% increase in projected Q4 2017 revenue.
– 15% improvement in Q3 ATM revenue over Q2 ATM revenue.
– 11% increase in quarterly revenue over prior quarterly revenue.

Revenues highlighted below:
Stargroup STL quarterly revenue June 2017 projection

Stargroup’s CEO and Executive Chairman Mr Todd Zani said, “Our Q3 ATM revenues were a 15% improvement when compared with the prior quarterly result and our total group revenues have also improved 11% when compared over the same period, which is an excellent result for the quarter.”

“We are looking forward to completing the previously announced Indue acquisition at the end of this month and we estimate that our future revenues in the next quarter will be up a further 27% as a result, based on further organic growth and the boost anticipated from the integration of the Indue businesses into our group of companies, as highlighted below.”
Stargroup STL quarterly revenue March 2017

“We obviously would have had an even more impressive result if we had completed the Indue transaction when anticipated, but we are confident in completing this transaction at the end of April. Despite the delay in the settlement of the Indue acquisition, we are still on track to achieve the projections outlined to our shareholders in terms of our future revenues and EBITDA for the 2016 – 2017 year,” Mr Zani said.

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