Spectur turns to artificial intelligence for added security

Spectur ASX SP3 artificial intelligence
Spectur will integrate artificial intelligence functionality into its surveillance camera systems.

Security technology provider Spectur (ASX: SP3) has decided to take artificial intelligence (AI) functionality to new heights by announcing it plans to integrate AI into its existing suite of security camera systems “following the completion of field trials over the next two months”.

“AI has the ability to process complex scenarios extremely quickly with a very high degree of accuracy,” said Peter Holton, managing director of Spectur.

Mr Holton said that AI functionality allows additional features to be added, such as facial recognition, number plate and object recognition.

Monitoring sites via cameras typically requires high processing speeds due to the volume of data and the greater emphasis on analysing data in real time.

“As time goes on we will have the ability to set specific triggers for alarms. At first, we will be able to discern people and vehicles, but ultimately, we will manage to distinguish between specific people and specific vehicles,” said Mr Holton.

AI integration will be used in conjunction with Spectur’s existing patented in-camera motion detection system which is seeing increasing amounts of commercial orders, including a recent order from the Australian military.

Spectur claims its range of camera systems can generate significant cost-savings for its users and are able to operate in harsh arid environments in extremely remote and desolate areas.

Full spectrum security

Spectur has quickly become one of Australia’s leading cloud-based security camera providers, offering 24/7 surveillance with live video that can be accessed in real-time from any device connected to the internet.

Spectur made its debut on the ASX last year, with significant backing from high-profile investors such as Paul Kehoe, former chief of Syrah Resources, Harry Hatch and Peter Anthony – veteran investors with extensive institutional clout.

Integrating AI functionality across its product suite is likely to mean that Spectur can expand its existing set of service features and potentially improve the accuracy of its real-time monitoring capabilities.

Furthermore, the company could also offer services to a wider range of clients who have very specific requirements, with the advantage of being able to rapidly deploy its systems without the need for expensive power or communication infrastructure.

Its market edge and novelty are derived from its solar-powered high-definition camera systems, able to relay footage in real-time over 3G and 4G networks, as well as being able to store video for live retrieval on multiple devices.

Mr Holton said that one of its most important features is its low power consumption and the lack of high power cables, which can be prohibitively expensive.

“We are preparing our business for the next wave of advancements in AI and machine learning to ensure we are at the forefront of surveillance technology,” said Mr Holton.

Investors welcomed today’s news with Spectur shares jumping as high as A$0.36 per share in early trade this morning, a gain of 6% compared to last week’s close of A$0.34 per share.

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