Sparc Technologies delivers ‘significant’ performance boost to coatings with graphene additives

Sparc Technologies ASX SPN graphene additive formulae coatings anti-corrosive marine protective
Compared to a control coating, Sparc’s graphene additives improved corrosion performance up to 73%, and boosted adhesion by 19%.

Sparc Technologies (ASX: SPN) has revealed what it describes as “significant performance improvement” in its graphene-based coatings.

In collaboration with the University of Adelaide in South Australia, test work on Sparc’s graphene additives has been shown to “significantly improve” anti-corrosive performance when added to coatings.

Using ISO testing methods, Sparc evaluated the performance of a range of graphene based additives using various raw materials, processing methods and quantities of graphene.

Compared to a control coating, Sparc’s graphene-additives improved corrosion performance up to 73%, and boosted adhesion by 19%.

Sparc managing director Tom Spurling said the results from this latest round of test work were “extremely encouraging”.

“Test work has been undertaken to conform to ISO standards, which enables us to target our vast industrial customer base to assess the results objectively.”

“Sparc will now use the data derived from this test work, build on it, and continue to refine the optimal graphene formulation for the coatings additive so as to maximise performance,” Mr Spurling added.

Graphene additive benefits

According to Sparc, test work has highlighted the performance benefit of graphene additives in the general.

At very low levels, the graphene additives showed “significant improvement” in adhesion and corrosion.

“In the context of Sparc’s targeted customer industries, these results represent a potential for substantial cost efficiencies and performance improvements,” the company noted.

With its graphene additives, Sparc is targeting large industrial markets including marine and protective coatings, environmental remediation and biomedical applications.

What is graphene?

Graphene is a 2D nano-material derived from graphite.

The material is made of carbon atoms and arranged in a hexagonal pattern.

Graphene is believed the strongest material discovered to date and is more robust than a diamond – possessing 40 times the gemstone’s strength.

It is also flexible, thin, light, transparent and conducts electricity and heat.

Use of graphene in many applications is under investigation including electronics, coatings, sensors, and water purification membranes.

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