Sky and Space Global successfully integrates security features into nano-satellite network

Sky and Space Global ASX SAS Check Point security nano-satellite network

Disruptive nano-satellite communications technology creator Sky and Space Global (ASX: SAS) has tested its check point encryption hardware with its nano-satellite network.

The testing follows the successful integration of a what Sky and Space Global refers to as Check Point Software Technologies (NASDAQ: CHKP) “top-tier cybersecurity solutions”.

After integrating the technology into its nano-satellite network, encrypting phone calls and messages prior to transmission and decrypted on the recipient’s side.

The encryption and decryption tests proved successful, which Sky and Space Global claims sets a new standard for affordable, secure and encrypted narrowband communications.

As one of the world’s largest international cybersecurity provider Check Point technology protects its 100,000-strong customer-base from cyberattacks and threats across multiple platforms including entire networks and mobile devices.

Sky and Space Global vice president of business development Yonatan Shrama said the company was “pleased” the two systems had been successfully integrated.

“This cooperation has set a new standard for the space industry, and is another step towards Sky and Space Global becoming a global satellites communications service provider with disruptive technologies,” Mr Shrama added.

Sky and Space Global is developing 200 nano-satellites, which will be known as its Equatorial constellation for deployment by 2020.

In late September, the company successfully launched its first three satellites the “3 Diamonds”, which resulted in the world’s first voice call using the nano-satellite medium, which offers communications via satellite technology to the world’s most remote areas.

Once operational, the Equatorial constellation is expected to offer communication network coverage to customers around the world including voice calling, instant messaging, data and images.

According to Sky and Space Global, the technology is “disruptive” and provides cost advantages over established satellites.

By early November, Sky and Space Global had expanded an existing contract with GomSpace, for GomSpace to build and deliver the full equatorial satellite, with first delivery due in 2018.

Meanwhile, Sky and Space has also had interest from offtake parties including Sat-Space Africa, which has entered a binding agreement to purchase all the available communication bandwidth from the 3 Diamonds.

This agreement is expected to generate up to A$45 million in revenue for Sky and Space Global.

Sky and Space Global’s stock was up more than 3% to A$0.14 by early afternoon trade.

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