Sensera releases new version of location tracking software for livestock market

Sensera ASX SE1 Nanotron Technologies GmbH location tracking software livestock market
The nanoLES 3 5K software allows clients to accurately track dairy cows and their calves in real time by processing location data collected from the wireless ear tags.

Technology provider Sensera (ASX: SE1), through its wholly-owned Berlin-based subsidiary Nanotron Technologies GmbH, has released an updated version of a proven location and tracking software primarily for customers in the livestock health market.

The nanoLES 3 5K is a sensor-based product which claims to accurately track dairy cows and their calves in real time by processing raw location data collected from wireless ear tags, also known as fixed reference points or ‘anchors’.

The anchors are connected to a standard network and a central computer or server tracks their positions.

Data collected is based on time-of-arrival information and delivers vital position statistics through a meta location data interface.

Driven by Nanotron’s patented Sea of Anchor technology, the software is capable of tracking up to 5000 distinct objects – representing more than double the scope of existing commercial installations.

Sea of Anchor provides highly-scalable virtual synchronisation of location infrastructure, simplifies build-out and eliminates the complex cell-based approach of existing competitor solutions.

To expand (or scale) an installation, users simply add more tags and new anchors connected to the same data backbone network.

Scalability a selling point

Solutions based on nanoLES are helping farmers better manage their livestock and reduce the medication doses needed for keeping animals healthy.

This enables the production of superior meat and dairy products, boosts farm productivity and greatly simplifies livestock management thus improving animal welfare and increasing profits.

Nanotron chief executive officer Dr Jens Albers said the scalability of the state-of-the-art nanoLES update is a key selling point to farming customers.

“This new release has more than doubled our tracking capacity which has become necessary as our new deployments of farms have increased approximately five times in animal density,” he said.

“This continues to validate our technology as truly production level in large scale applications.”

Company growth

Sensera is an an Internet of Things solutions provider delivering proprietary microdevices and sensor-based products to clients in medtech, animal wellness, defence, mine safety and aerospace.

The data amassed from the microdevices can be analysed in real time to optimise products, services and operations within these industries.

In late 2017, Sensera announced it had acquired location awareness systems specialist Nanotron and subsequently established a Nanotron Division which provides hardware to enables sophisticated location and wellness tracking for farm animals as well as mine safety and collision avoidance (vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-people).

These markets are worth US$5 billion and US$3b respectively.

In June, Sensera announced a collaboration with Harvard University’s specialised biotechnology unit which could potentially see its microdevices implemented in a range of applications within the medical field.

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