Sensera pushes forth in looming Internet of Things interconnected society

Sensera ASX SE1 Internet of Things Nanotron Technologies

Via its wholly-owned German-based subsidiary Nanotron Technologies, ASX-listed company Sensera (ASX: SE1) has struck a deal to further promote its chances of dominating the rest of the Internet of Things (IoT) field aiming to empower a wide range of industries over the coming years.

Sensera designs and manufactures end-to-end sensor solutions and services for the IoT market.

Its German-based subsidiary Nanotron Technologies has signed a deal with enterprise IoT platform provider ClearBlade Inc to add ClearBlade’s “industry-leading IoT and Edge Computing platform” to Nanotron’s tracking software.

The cooperative agreement is intended to enable Nanotron to offer advanced Location Data Analytics (LDA) capabilities, adding a whole new dimension of capabilities to its avant-garde tracking technology platform.

According to Sensera, Nanotron “creates deep, powerful insights into complex business processes by applying a flexible, scalable, and location technology-independent approach that generates consistent position information connected to application-specific reference data”.

Collaborating through the Internet of Things

Meanwhile, a substantial reason collaboration was to overlay ClearBlade’s unique platform which “provides the necessary flexibility while handling all maintenance and security functions”, leaving Nanotron to focus on LDA as its core competency and “creating a powerful yet easy-to-use LDA solution,” according to Sensera.

Nanotron is now using the ClearBlade platform to showcase ultra-precise patient tracking across multiple operating wards in hospitals.

The solution is based on chirp spread spectrum (CSS) and ultra-wideband (UWB) location technologies, utilising additional information from sensors and underlying building maps.

It automatically detects all pre-defined treatment events, displays them in real-time, and logs them for further analysis in a database.

According to the terms of the deal, ClearBlade’s platform will become a standard part of Nanotron’s location tracking and LDA solution, by providing a combination of IoT Edge and IoT Cloud platforms.

Ultimately, the value-add comes from the two companies merging their respective technologies with CearBlade’s software expected to enable Nanotron’s customers to “seamlessly roll out large projects in multiple locations worldwide.”

“We undertook a rigorous and methodical search for a middleware partner. We sought a leading-edge vendor that could support real-time processing, modularity, complete security, edge/cloud, remote provisioning, extensive databases, and provide tight integration with our software platform. ClearBlade was far and away the only vendor that fulfilled all of our strict criteria,” said Rainer Hach, chief technology officer of Nanotron.

“Event-based analytics will reap the business benefits of location awareness. By working with ClearBlade, Nanotron is getting ready to deliver a powerful LDA tool,” he added.

“Nanotron is a dominant player in location awareness, and ClearBlade’s platform will enable Nanotron to offer market-leading LDA solutions. We expect this to be a successful long-term relationship that will benefit both our companies and our customers,” said Aaron Allsbrook, chief technology officer of ClearBlade.

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