RooLife to promote and sell Nuria Beauty skincare into China

RooLife Nuria Beauty Small World Brands China ASX RLG
RooLife anticipates the deal will generate a minimum of $1.3 million in revenue over the two years.

RooLife Group (ASX: RLG) is set to sell Small World Brands’ Nuria Beauty range into China’s $33 billion skin care market after being appointed the official digital marketing and e-commerce distributor.

Under the deal, US and Singapore-based beauty and wellness company Small World Brands has secured RooLife’s services to provide marketing, sales and distribution of its Nuria Beauty vegan brand throughout China.

As part of the agreement, RooLife’s wholly-owned subsidiary RooLife Pty Ltd will operate cross border e-commerce sales channels for Nuria Beauty, which will be sold throughout TMall, Taobao, Kaola, VIP, JD, Little Red Book and Pin Duo Duo stores.

The initial contract is for two years and will provide RooLife with revenue from monthly service fees and commissions from product sales.

If RooLife meets the two year contract’s minimum performance requirements, it will achieve about $1.3 million in total revenue over the period, with the contract to be potentially extended for a further two years.

RooLife managing director Bryan Carr said the company was “delighted” to be working with Nuria Beauty to grow its sales in China.

“Nuria Beauty provides high-quality skincare products for which there is strong demand in China, but by successfully driving sales, we are also assisting Nuria Beauty with their objective to drive social responsibility and give back with a portion of all sales being donated to girls’ education and to support women entrepreneurs.”

In addition to sales and distribution, RooLife will support Nuria Beauty by providing social media, key opinion leader and content channel management across WeChat, Weibo, Douyin, YouKu and Baidu.

Further opportunities

Mr Carr noted that Nuria Beauty was the first of several brands that Small World Brands plans to launch into China.

“We look forward to the opportunity to continue to build on this relationship,” he added.

According to RooLife, its platform is progressing into an international gateway for companies planning to target China’s market with their goods and services.

RooLife also stated it provides an “efficient and effective” way for brands to continue accessing the China market during the COVID-19 epidemic and associated public lockdown.

Commenting on the agreement, Small World Brands president Josh Ghaim said RooLife’s track record in China and its existing partnership with the US team made it an “ideal” partner.

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