RooLife and AFT Pharmaceuticals build brand awareness in China ahead of online store launch

RooLife AFT Pharmaceuticals China ASX RLG AFP
RooLife will launch a Little Red Book online store in China this month to sell AFT Pharmaceuticals’s Vitamin C Lipo-Sachets.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and e-commerce marketing company RooLife Group (ASX: RLG) has been building brand awareness for fellow ASX-listed company AFT Pharmaceuticals (ASX: AFP) in China ahead of its online sales launch this month.

Emerging from a trading halt on Monday, RooLife announced it has driven more than 9.24 million unique social media views and engagements for AFT’s products across its managed Chinese digital platforms.

RooLife has been promoting AFT’s Lipo-Sachets, Ferro-sachet and Maxigesic brands, with a particular focus on its Lipo-Sachets Vitamin C product, achieving 2 million individual social media engagements in the last month alone.

In response to this surge in interest, RooLife is now rolling out a Little Red Book ‘pop store’ specifically for Lipo-Sachets with sales expected to launch in April.

Little Red Book store launch

Little Red Book is a leading online fashion and luxury shopping platform in China that operates as a content sharing site. Users can post photos and reviews of products to build a sense of trust and reliability between the platform and consumers, like word of mouth advertising.

According to RooLife, a Lipo-Sachets store on the platform will expose the product to a “much broader cross-border e-commerce audience of over 300 million users of largely middle to upper class women, aged 20-35, which aligns well with the demographic profile of typical purchasers”.

“We are seeing strong demand online for healthy products in China such as the Lipo-Sachets Vitamin C product and we are delighted to be working with the team from AFT Pharmaceuticals to drive their profile and online sales moving forward,” RooLife managing director Bryan Carr said.

He added that AFT’s products have “all the attributes to be in high demand in China”.

AFT manufactures a broad range of health and wellbeing products in New Zealand and Australia, which are distributed across all major pharmaceutical channels including over-the-counter, prescription and hospital.

Building a digital presence

RooLife has developed a strong presence across online platforms including WeChat, Weibo, Little Red Book, Bilibi and Zhihu and believes it is strongly positioned to take advantage of China’s surge in demand for international healthcare products.

Mr Carr said the company’s multi-platform expansion with AFT is part of RooLife’s growing portfolio of clients from many major markets around the world including Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

RooLife will generate revenue through the marketing services it provides AFT, as well as receive a commission from the sale of all products it sells online in China.

“The RooLife platform is a growing international gateway for products and services and provides an efficient and effective way for brands to access the Chinese market, which is bouncing back as other markets are being increasingly affected,” the company stated.

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