Respiri grows wheezo market potential through agreement with the Pharmacy Guild of Australia

Respiri ASX RSH wheezo Pharmacy Guild of Australia market potential agreement
Respiri’s agreement with the Pharmacy Guild of Australia will build awareness and knowledge of its wheeze respiratory evaluation device and technology.

Respiri (ASX: RSH) has collared a two-year definitive service agreement with the Pharmacy Guild of Australia to develop an online pharmacist course on optimising asthma patient management including the role of devices such as Respiri’s wheezo device and app in detecting wheeze.

The two-year agreement is with the Pharmacy Guild of Australia’s Guild Learning and Development (GuildEd) division.

According to Respiri, the Guild is the learning destination for all pharmacists, pharmacy assistants and interns across Australia.

Under the agreement, Respiri and GuildEd will jointly develop an accredited Continuing Professional Development online training course for pharmacists on optimising asthma patient management focusing on children.

The course will also cover the role of devices in detecting wheeze. This will include Respiri’s wheezo eHealth software as a service device and app, which effectively monitors asthma wheeze.

“With over 65,000 pharmacists practicing in Australia, Respiri understands their importance in helping patients with asthma better-manage their condition – ensuring a better health outcome and quality of life and the critical need for Respiri to build relationships with these key healthcare professionals to help them better understand how wheezo will help drive these patient outcomes,” Respiri chief executive officer Marjan Mikel explained.

“By educating pharmacists, who are an important intermediary between an asthmatic patient and their doctor who already sell a range of asthmatic devices within the pharmacy setting, we see them as a critical determinant in building sales momentum and significant growth within this important channel,” Mr Mikel added.

Wheezo technology

Respiri claims its world-first technology detects wheeze, which is a typical asthma symptom, and provides an objective measure of airway limitation.

The company’s flagship wheezo device and technology use machine learning to provide personalised feedback and education on a patient’s personal health data. This is also correlated with environmental factors.

Once processed, the data can be shared anytime and anywhere with care givers, physicians and other health care professionals.

The technology has CE Mark and Therapeutic Goods Administration approval for use in the EU and Australia.

US Food and Drug Administration approval is expected before the end of the year.

Respiri has already secured telehealth partnerships with Phenix Health and Practice Innovators to grow use and awareness of the technology throughout Australia.

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