Respiri ‘pleased’ with wheezo feedback from initial sales and marketing

Respiri ASX RSH wheezo launch Cipla pharmacists
Respiri cites “very enthusiastic and encouraging feedback” from pharmacists as early indication of the device’s success.

Respiratory health management company Respiri (ASX: RSH) has updated the market regarding the preliminary release of its wheezo platform and device, saying it was “very pleased” with the responses it has received from pharmacists and partner Cipla Australia.

The eHealth wheezo solution, made up of a dedicated device and associate smartphone app, claims to take asthma management “beyond the clinic” courtesy of its ability to assist asthma patients, especially young children and adolescents.

To bring the product to market, Respiri partnered up with pharmaceutical company Cipla Australia to support the availability of wheezo, as both a device and an app, in selected pharmacies across Australia.

In recent weeks, the company has used a variety of avenues to encourage sales of its platform, including a dedicated website.

Respiri described the market’s initial response to wheezo as “very pleasing” and said the platform directly addressed the limited number of tools currently available to clinicians, as ongoing treatment options.

Meanwhile, Cipla Australia managing director Azhar Ibrahim said initial interest and feedback has “exceeded expectations”.

Currently, healthcare professionals and asthma patients can access limited support after the patient is discharged from a clinic.

According to Respiri, the wheezo platform fills that void by providing an interactive and engaging method of managing treatment plans given to patients by healthcare professionals.

“The Respiri team is excited to bring to market a new and innovative product to assist with asthma management,” Respiri chief executive officer and managing director Marjan Mikel, said.

“The launch of wheezo marks our commitment to assist asthma patients, caregivers and health professionals to provide a solution to extended care beyond the clinic and support improved asthma care, management and understanding.”

“The wheezo launch strategy has been informed by targeted market research and insightful feedback from the Wheezo Patient Experiential Program (PEP) and appears to be very well received,” he added.

Strong start

Developed in Australia with the support of respiratory specialists and other healthcare professionals, Wheezo analyses patients’ breathing for the presence of a wheeze.

The accompanying app assists with asthma management by tracking symptoms, triggers, medication usage and geo-specific weather conditions.

Respiri has been preparing to launch its novel product, with a staged commercial launch across Australia underway this quarter after Cipla Australia began direct pharmacy sales and marketing activities for the device earlier this month.

In a further sign that its platform is off to a good start in terms of sales, several key banner groups joining the company to sell wheezo and partnering with both Cipla Australia and Respiri to develop in-pharmacy programs, thereby improving treatment mechanisms for asthma patients.

As a further means of supporting patients and boosting sales, Respiri has also taken the step of partnering with the Pharmacy Guild of Australia.

The duo has designed a 60-minute CPD education online course with initial participation in the program said to be “very strong” with participation being more than twice the average participation rates for other Guild educational programs.

Respiri said the course was developed for pharmacists to recognise the prevalence and burden of asthma in Australia, to identify the role that digital technology in assisting asthma management and positioning digital solutions for patients with the most need.

“The entire Respiri team would like to thank all shareholders for their continued support throughout the wheezo journey. Respiri is extremely proud with progress to date and excited for further development and growth in the months and years to come,” Mr Mikel said.

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