Duo of renowned specialists join Impression Healthcare, Incannex CBD oils on route

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Impression Healthcare has appointed another two leading medical experts to its medical advisory board, overseen by Dr Sud Agarwal.

Following a busy few months on the recruitment and brand licencing fronts, Impression Healthcare (ASX: IHL) has appointed an additional duo of leading medical experts to its Medical Advisory Board, overseen by medicinal cannabis expert and non-executive director Dr Sud Agarwal.

Associate Professor Michael Stubbs and Dr David Cunnington have joined Impression in similarly structured deals that brought Dr Ron Jithoo and Dr Simon Hinckfuss onboard last month with Impression saying that the appointments will “add clinical expertise and depth” to its Medical Advisory Board.

Professor Michael Stubbs and Dr David Cunnington are key opinion leaders in their respective specialties of temporomandibular joint disorders (TMD) and sleep apnoea – two fields of research being undertaken by Impression.

Professor Stubbs is an oral medicine specialist practitioner based in Melbourne, Victoria, with a special interest in temporomandibular disorders for the treatment of facial and jaw pain. He is an associate professor in oral medicine at Latrobe University and an editor of ‘Australasian Dentist’ Magazine with a multitude of research and professional education publications under his belt.

Meanwhile, Dr Cunnington is a specialist sleep physician, a co-director of Melbourne Sleep Disorders Centre and co-founder of the online sleep resource, SleepHub.com.au.

Dr Cunnington is also a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians, a Diplomat of Behavioural Sleep Medicine (DBSM), a “registered polysomnographic technologist” and holds a Master’s degrees in Medical Science and Applied Health Management.

Both advisors will serve an initial two-year term to assist with all facets of the TMD and sleep apnoea clinical trials currently being progressed by Impression.

Furthermore, the two highly renowned experts will procure funding grants, conduct product development, assist with research documentation and present findings at crucial events such as conferences and clinical meetings, the company said.

“As real-world clinicians with specialised clinical practices highly relevant to our research needs, they will be invaluable in shaping our novel cannabinoid drug discovery programs and shaping the target properties of our novel drugs,” said Dr Agarwal.

Dr Agarwal also explained that Impression’s all-new cannabinoid drug discovery brand Incannex Pharmaceuticals has already amassed four cannabinoid-based New Molecular Entities (NME’s) in preclinical drug development and was executing an “overarching strategy to create novel, patent-protected, clinically validated, FDA/EMA/TGA registerable products with specific therapeutic claims.”

Cannabis oils via Incannex

In early August, Impression announced that in parallel with its ongoing clinical trials aimed at creating proprietary IP-defendable cannabinoid products, it would also launch a line of cannabis oils.

Branded and trademarked as Incannex Oils, Impression has launched GMP-approved pharmaceutical-grade CBD oil products for conditions previously approved for treatment with cannabinoids under Australia’s Special Access Scheme (SAS).

As part of a market update, Impression said that the first batch of CBD Incannex oil has been ordered from its supply partner Linnea SA, an EU-based global leader in custom cannabinoid drug design – a company that Incannex has partnered up with for the next five years.

According to Impression, Incannex Oils will be sold under Cannvalate, Australia’s largest distribution network on a non-exclusive basis.

Impression reiterated that Incannex Oils products have been designed to match formulations undergoing strong demand on the Cannvalate network, which receives 100-plus new patient enquiries per day – opening up a significant market avenue that Impression wants to eventually tap into after it has conducted the necessary clinical research.

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