Queensland Bauxite continues flurry of hemp developments, now on Coles shelves

Queensland Bauxite ASX QBL hemp Coles supermarket

Following up yesterday’s news regarding Queensland Bauxite’s (ASX: QBL) subsidiary Medical Cannabis Limited (MCL) releasing Australia’s first hemp seed oil soft-gel capsules, Queensland Bauxite has announced that Red Tractor has supplied “hundreds of Coles stores around Australia” with various products and oil blends that have hemp ingredients.

The news is an important milestone because Red Tractor is exclusively supplied by MCL and its hemp seed food subsidiary VitaHemp.

Exposing hemp foods and products to a mass consumer market via a national distributor such as Coles could serve as a seminal moment for the resurgent hemp/cannabis industry, currently growing on many fronts including foods, cosmetics, dietary supplements and medical cannabis treatments as a result of softening rules regarding cannabis in Australia.

Seeing hemp-derived products on the shelf at Coles stores inspires confidence and provides a win for a bourgeoning hemp foods industry which companies like VitaHemp are now spearheading.

“This is a huge step towards assuring and educating the consumer on the safety and health benefits of hemp seed foods and breaking down the misconceptions and social stigma around the consuming of hemp for its nutritional and health benefits,” Queensland Bauxite stated.

In partnership with Waltanna Farms, VitaHemp is offering “premium hemp ingredients” and products for Australian consumers via Red Tractor’s supply to Coles.

The company said that its products are “newly legally recognised superfoods” which can help consumers to satisfy the growing demand for nutritional supplements and establish healthy diets.

“The stocking of hemp products in a major supermarket chain such as Coles, is a fulfilment of our vision that we have worked for over the past two decades in pushing towards the legalisation of hemp foods in Australia, so that the average Australian consumer is now exposed to and can now easily benefit from the great health benefits that this superfood provides,” said Mr Andrew Kavasilas, technical director of MCL.

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