Quantify lights up Internet of Things market with improved technology

Quantify Technology ASX QFY internet of things General Purpose Power Outlet
Quantify Technology's power outlets.

Internet of Things company Quantify Technology (ASX: QFY), has developed a new-and-improved version of its General Purpose Outlet (GPO), expected to deliver improved build quality and added value to Quantify’s product range.

Quantify’s products have been designed to be cost-effective, scalable, autonomous and secure — with the ultimate goal of “becoming part of the fabric of buildings”, harnessing its first-mover advantage in order to “redefine the industry standard,” and to create what the company calls “Quantify Technology Truly Intelligent Buildings.”

Quantify Technology develops both hardware and software that enables the monitoring and management of the next generation of interconnected internet-compatible devices (such as lighting, power, heating and cooling systems) installed in buildings.

Its flagship product is the ‘Q Device’, a device that monitors environmental risk factors in real-time and capable of managing complex systems to create unprecedented levels of oversight and control for building managers.

After collating feedback from its users as part of an internal development review program, Quantify Technology says it has deployed numerous improvements to key elements of its design — simplifying the manufacturing process, lowering the cost of manufacture, revamping aesthetics and improving the user experience.

The new design is expected to be available for sale later this year, offering significant enchantments such as haptic (vibration) feedback, informative switch fascias and a wider range of user features. Energy management control remains the core functionality with voice integration expected to be added “in the coming months,” according to Quantify Technology.

Green light to market

The GPO product has obtained all required Australian standards and can be easily retrofitted to existing buildings. Furthermore, Quantify Technology says that the new-and-improved GPO product will conform to Quantify’s Qumulus platform thereby ensuring full compatibility with the entirety of Quantify’s product range.

All-encompassing real-time connectivity is a key factor for IoT-focused brands that depend on flawless information exchange to enable sophisticated IoT features such as remote control, smart-meter tracking and detailed diagnostics for all devices.

According to Quantify, the first units released will be “10AMP[sic] devices suitable for general use across all building environments within Australia and integrated with other Quantify devices using standards-based 802.11 wireless communications.”

Other improved product features include state-of-the-art energy management capabilities, local touch control and voice-recognition functionality as standard.

Quantify says that despite being a relatively new entrant to the IoT space, the company is looking to deliver modern aesthetics as well as progressive IoT-compatible functionality that can offer premium features for consumers.

Service improvement

“Quantify engineers are delivering more than just basic energy management tools. The company is continuing to strive to develop products that are not just functional but are also beautifully designed pieces. Feedback from initial showcasing of the products has been excellent,” said Mark Lapins, Managing Director of Quantify Technology.

In a further development, Quantify says that it expects its engineering team to release a new range of glass fascias for its existing AC Dimmer.

The unique modular design of its products means Quantify Technology can release periodic updates, new service features and hardware components without re-engineering existing hardware.

Quantify Technology says it utilised customer feedback as a key lead in determining its priorities when implementing new features. “The result is a paradigm shift in the user experience for the humble light switch.”

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