Proteomics International clinches EU patent for ‘breakthrough’ kidney disease test

Proteomics International (ASX: PIQ) has cemented its commercial ownership rights in Europe for its “breakthrough” diabetic kidney disease prediction test through to 2031, after securing a patent for the region.

The patent for the diagnostic and predictive test has been granted across all major European countries including Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Turkey and covers more than 400 million people.

Securing the European patent adds to Proteomics’ swathe of other patents for PromarkerD throughout the US, Australia, Singapore, Russia, China and Japan.

Kidney disease sufferers usually have no prior warning due to the lack of symptoms prior to onset. Additionally, there are no current tests available for predicting the disease’s onset except PromarkerD.

Diabetes worldwide kidney disease statistics

PromarkerD measures a protein biomarker panel in the blood, which can help detect diabetic kidney disease before onset. During clinical studies, the diagnostic test identified rapid kidney function decline up to four years ahead of the disease presenting.

With PromarkerD’s ability to detect diabetic kidney disease before it occurs, clinicians can prescribe early treatment to prevent its onset.

Diabetic kidney disease treatment market

According to the World Health Organisation, there are more than 60 million diabetics in Europe, with 10.3% of men and 9.6% of women aged 25 and over suffering from the condition and this number is increasing due to weight gain, unhealthy diet and inactivity.

On a global scale, around 425 million people are believed to suffer from diabetes with one in three adult diabetes patients also diagnosed with chronic kidney disease.

In the US, kidney disease has been identified as the ninth leading cause of death and has an estimated cost to the country of US$50 billion per year.

Commercial launch of PromarkerD

Last month, Proteomics launched PromarkerD in Central America, with the company currently in negotiations with potential partners to bring the test to US, Mexican, Japanese, Australian, China and European markets.

Under the Central American launch, Macrotech Farmaceutica is responsible for distributing the test throughout the region.

“The world is now recognising the growing burden of diabetes and the importance of kidney health,” Proteomics managing director Dr Richard Lipscombe said.

“We see PromarkerD as transforming the diagnosis and treatment of diabetic kidney disease and saving healthcare systems many millions of dollars,” Dr Lipscombe added.

Shares in Proteomics rose more than 7% to A$0.22 in early morning trade.

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