Programmatic ad clients continue to make revenue impact for engage:BDR

IconicReach Engage BDR EN1 ASX revenue rapper Sean Kingston
Engage:BDR's IconicReach has signed high-profile musician Sean Kingston to promote his new songs.

Engage:BDR (ASX: EN1) has added a further trio of new customers to its programmatic-ad-focused IconicReach platform, thereby achieving its quarterly growth target.

The ad company announced that it has beat its Q1 and Q2 milestones and confirmed that the additional clients will also expand the company’s growing footprint in the Asia Pacific region, namely Korea.

As a positive sign of incremental revenue growth, the ad company recently declared that April 2019 was the strongest programmatic revenue month in its history.

Engage:BDR generated $1.22 million in consolidated revenue, achieved a profit margin of 40%.

Earlier this year, engage:BDR announced new clients that joined the IconicReach platform including prominent US artist Sean Kingston, WeDu Communications, Happyroom, Gio Clavis, Putti Atti, ASHLEYlauren and NSR Riding.

Each client added to IconicReach serves as a direct revenue driver with the company keen to maintain its incremental growth by supplementing its past successes and generating further financial momentum.

Latest client additions

Provillus, NutraPrice Pure and Coset Korea were on-boarded this week thereby supplementing the four new brands already signed so far in Q2 2019. Furthermore, IconicReach signed a total of six new customers in Q1.

Provillus is a US-based brand manufacturing an all-natural hair growth supplement that provides nutrition to restore dead hair follicles and prevent hair thinning.

The brand partnered with IconicReach to gain influencer-generated content that can be “cross-purposed” and posted on multiple marketing channels. Since Provillus is a relatively new brand, it is also looking to increase brand awareness and expand its client base.

NutraPrice Pure is a US-based health supplement business that has been operating for over 25 years. The brand formulates clean ingredient formulas and makes products suited to popular diet habits like Keto, as well as, remedying common symptoms of ageing through advanced joint health formulas and “cognitive enhancement” supplements.

Engage:BDR said that the brand is looking to use both male and female fitness influencers to promote its products and a healthy lifestyle. The company said that one of the major focus points in terms of attracting future clients is partnering with influencers over the age of 45 and catering to clients with muscle weakness and joint pain.

Coset Korea is a leading world provider of quality packaging solutions and services for specialised products for the telecommunications and industrial sectors. The company specialises in lensed fiber production and transport which reduces the time-to-market for customers.

The brand was founded in 1999 and serves as a strategic technology and manufacturing partner for global partners in various stages of development. Via a partnership with IconicReach, Coset Korea is looking to grow brand awareness and expand global partnerships.

Singing towards marketability

Just last week, engage:BDR unveiled a partnership with renowned singer and songwriter Sean Kingston which included an undisclosed six-figure contract and multiple avenues for ongoing collaboration.

Mr Kingston first came to prominence when he was discovered on MySpace and signed by multi-platinum producer J.R. Rotem’s record label, Beluga Heights. From 2005 to 2009 Beluga Heights worked with leading names in the US music scene including 50 Cent, Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg, Rhianna, Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez and Jason Derulo.

Collaborations with well-known celebrities like Sean Kingston are expected to help engage:BDR in “building a valuable repertoire as a reliable source for bleeding-edge marketing expertise for the entertainment community”.

Leveraging celebrity endorsement is also aimed at growing the company’s exposure and access to more clients, including artists, new brands and advertisers.

“April was a very strong month from our perspective, but why not keep raising the bar starting with May,” declared Ted Dhanik, chief executive officer and executive chairman of engage:BDR.

“Management is looking forward to challenging those results this month and delivering something we can all be proud of,” he said.

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