Positive news continues to flow at Anson Resources’ Paradox lithium brine project

Anson Resources ASX ASN Outotec reactor evaporation lithium production trial
Outotec has produced a 891ppm lithium concentrate during reactor evaporation test work on Anson Resources' Paradox lithium brine.

Anson Resources (ASX: ASN) has continued its positive news flow from its Paradox lithium brine project in Utah, with the company reporting it had received positive results from reactor evaporation work on brine samples from its Cane Creek 32-1 well.

Outotec is undertaking test work for Anson and completed reactor evaporation within two hours.

The test work concentrated the lithium up to 891 parts per million, while magnesium and calcium were pushed under 2ppm and 5pp respectively.

This was the third and final evaporation technique that Outotec trialled on the sample, which had original grades of 100ppm lithium, 32,400ppm magnesium, 25,300ppm sodium, 28,800ppm potassium and 45,000ppm calcium.

According to Anson, Outotec’s test work aims to develop a better-understanding of the brine’s behaviour under different evaporation scenarios, including whether the lithium concentration can be enhanced.

Outotec has evaluated three evaporation processes: heat, vacuum and reactor, with this latest reactor method resulting in the 891ppm lithium, which Anson identified as a suitable feed for its proposed pilot plant.

Additionally, the reduction of magnesium and calcium was considered important, with the minerals deemed inhibitors to successful lithium extraction.

As well as Outotec’s test work, Anson is evaluating an alternative “cutting-edge” processing route, which separates the lithium from the brine via an absorption technique.

Earlier this month, Anson reported this alternative process had successfully produced a lithium carbonate equivalent.

“A total of four different processes are being tested for the evaporation and initial processing of the brine to achieve the best economic outcome for the company and add shareholder value,” Anson managing director Bruce Richardson said.

“It is very pleasing that similar results have been achieved using the reactor evaporation process on Cane Creek artesian super saturated brines to those achieved using a synthetic brine based upon assay results of brine taken from the Long Canyon.”

Mr Richardson also pointed out it was important the magnesium and calcium had been successfully reduced using the reactor evaporation technique.

By investigating the various processes, Anson is looking into the viability of incorporating its alternative technique into the back or front end of the final Outotec flowsheet to enable all valuable minerals to be extracted.

“The company is continuing with its objective of fast-tracking the Paradox lithium project into production, while at the same time ensuring that the best economic result is achieved for its shareholders,” Mr Richardson said.

By midday, Anson’s share price had risen more than 6% to reach A$0.122.

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