Pointerra takes first steps in commercialising next generation of mapping technology

Pointerra ASX 3DP 3D mapping technology data

Mapping specialist Pointerra (ASX: 3DP) has taken its current customer relationship with Total Earth Solutions (TES) to the next level by signing its first “data marketplace and business partnership” agreement with the Australian multidisciplinary geoscience group.

Pointerra announced that TES is an existing data-as-a-service (DaaS) client, with the updated partnership intended “to extend the geographical reach of the 3D Data Marketplace,” according to TES Managing Director, Brett Johnson.

The deal marks a significant milestone for Pointerra having designed a platform facilitating access very large 3D datasets without the need for high-performance computing.

According to the terms of the deal, TES will conduct a local government area survey in and around Perth in WA, by using its LiDAR-equipped aircraft and producing a highly accurate aerial 3D dataset.

Pointerra will be responsible for managing the raw data obtained by TES and making it available for sale via its cloud platform.

Sharing a mapped future

With TES procuring the required raw data, and Pointerra hosting the final product, the two companies have agreed to equally share any subscription revenue generated.

For the time being, the two companies have confirmed that they plan on offering all their data on a recurring subscription model.

“When we conceived the business model for Pointerra back in 2015 we envisaged a data marketplace where Pointerra customers could offer access to 3D data. We also thought that entrepreneurial and forward-thinking capture companies would seek to leverage our innovative cloud platform for 3D data by owning and selling access to 3D data via a recurring subscription model,” said Ian Olson, Managing Director of Pointerra.

“We expect to extend the scale and reach of the 3D Data Marketplace both in the Australasian region and internationally in conjunction with the rapid scale-up of our operations,” Mr Olson added.

With the deal now agreed, Pointerra says that TES is likely to commence its Perth dataset in April and completed sometime in May 2018. First revenues are expected to be generated shortly after.

“For years capture companies like TES have delivered 2D mapping products to customers that have been derived from 3D data capture programs. Pointerra’s revolutionary cloud platform allows us for the first time to be able to sell access to the high-fidelity 3D data under a recurring subscription model. Using Pointerra’s platform also allows us to offer on-demand derived mapping products and analytics as customers require,” said Mr Johnson.

TES plans to generate more LiDAR datasets through a dedicated “pan-Australian capture program” that will see the company undertake similar city capture missions in other Australian and regional locations.

Moving forward, TES plans to make all its raw data available via Pointerra and expects its 3D data platform to grow its DaaS activity significantly.

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