Phoslock Environmental Technologies patented application achieves ‘excellent’ results in heavily polluted Chinese lake

Phoslock Environmental Technologies ASX PET polluted China lake
Phoslock Environmental Technologies achieved a 75% reduction in phosphorous using its patented application on a heavily polluted Chinese lake.

After a trial on a heavily polluted lake in China, Phoslock Environmental Technologies’ (ASX: PET) patented Phoslock application has achieved “excellent” results.

During the first four days of application, a 75% reduction in phosphorous was achieved without negatively affecting fish, plant life and humans.

According to Phoslock, the trial results have been “excellent” on the 34 square kilometre lake and have led to an initial order of $1 million-worth of the material.

With nine very large polluted lakes in the area, Phoslock noted that provincial and central Chinese governments were urgently seeking to restore water quality to boost tourism and economic development.

“This is another milestone in the developing growth of Phoslock the material and Phoslock the company,” chairman Laurence Freedman said.

“These lakes are so large that they cannot be treated in a single application.”

“Therefore, we will apply Phoslock progressively, which is likely to take some years,” Mr Freedman explained.

He added this is the first application of Phoslock on the first lake in the area which will generate about $1 million a month.

“This rate could change and so could the number of lakes treated, not only in this particular area, but across China and internationally.”

Mr Freedman said if the company’s Phoslock material was sought for other large water bodies in the area, he anticipates a “growing monthly income”.

Phoslock’s material has secured Chinese regulatory approvals and has been classified a water pollution control product in the country.

Phoslock water pollution control

Phoslock specialises in water treatment products to remediate polluted lakes, rivers, canals, and drinking water reservoirs.

The company’s Phoslock product permanently binds with excess phosphorus in the water and sediments.

By this action, growth of harmful algal blooms is inhibited, with the algal blooms detrimentally affecting aquatic and human life.

Phoslock’s other products include zeolite and favourable bacteria.

To manufacture its materials, Phoslock has established a factory in China’s Zhejiang Province, with the factory also possessing important international standard certifications.

By mid-morning, shares in Phoslock were up almost 18% to $0.53.

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