Osteopore collars European patent for next generation bone regenerative implant technology

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By Lorna Nicholas - 
Osteopore distribution agreement Bioplate ASX OSX 3D printed bioresorbable products United States

The two year agreement will see Bioplate distribute Osteopore’s products for cranial and neurosurgery procedures in select states throughout the United States.


Osteopore’s (ASX: OSX) bone healing technology has reached another milestone after the European Patent Office granted a patent for the company’s next generation of regenerative implants.

The patent EP 3218019 A4 covers Osteopore’s process which involves combining a soluble magnesium salt filler with a suitable polymer to produce “smart” 3D biomimetic scaffolds without solvents or heat.

According to Osteopore, soluble magnesium salts in combination with regenerative implants improve normal cellular function and are particularly suited to regulating bone homeostasis, encouraging osteogenic differentiation.

The combination is also positive for the regeneration of host tissue without negative side effects caused by the production of gas near the implant’s surface.

Regenerative bone scaffolds provide nutrients

“Traditionally, in tissue engineering, we build a scaffold like a house with interconnected rooms for cells to stay and then produce their extracellular matrix (ECM),” Osteopore non-executive director Prof Teoh Swee Hin explained.

“Over time the scaffolds dissolve leaving on the bone ECM.”

“At Osteopore, we go beyond this tradition – in the next generation scaffolds, we designed the scaffolds to provide nutrients and energise the bone cells with trace elements of metal such as magnesium which are known to be essential for healthy bone, as the scaffolds degrade.”

Prof Swee Hin added the European patent is an illustration of the new concept in developing scaffolds for bone regeneration.

Osteopore’s product portfolio grows

Osteopore says this latest patent covers the third-generation of its bone implant technology.

It is expected this patent will initially support sales in the cranial procedures market, with Europe accounting for a third of the global market.

Osteopore estimates the worldwide market comprises around 1.1 million surgeries and is anticipated to grow more than 2% annually in Europe, alone.

The company claims its ongoing product innovation, combined with its collaborative initiatives with renowned international biomedical companies, offers a wider field of potential end uses while also improving patient outcomes.