Orthocell hails high success rate for tendon injury treatment

Orthocell ASX OCC success rate tendon injury treatment tendinopathy tendonitis
More than 80% of patients in a recent study reported feeling satisfied with how Ortho-ATI relieved tendon pain symptoms.

Regenerative medicine company Orthocell (ASX: OCC) has announced results from a recent study that shows an 82% success rate using its novel stem cell therapy treatment for chronic tendon injuries.

The company undertook an annual quality study during 2018 to measure patient satisfaction using its Ortho-ATI novel therapy treatment on 47 patients with chronic degenerative tendon injuries such as tendinopathy and tendonitis.

These patients were treated outside of formal clinical studies undertaken by Orthocell, and six different tendons were treated: elbow, shoulder, gluteal, achilles, knee and hamstring.

Orthocell today revealed the results, with 82% of patients saying they were “satisfied” or “extremely satisfied” with Ortho-ATI overall.

In addition, 83% of patients reported feeling “satisfied” or “extremely satisfied” with how the treatment relieved symptoms including pain, and 80% were “satisfied” or “extremely satisfied” with how it improved their ability to perform everyday activities at home or work.

Orthocell managing director Paul Anderson said the results “provide strong evidence that Ortho-ATI is a breakthrough technology and significantly improves patients’ lives”.

“This novel therapy alleviates chronic pain, restores tendon structure and enables people to return to normal function at home or work,” he said.

“Ortho-ATI has the potential to deliver significant socio-economic benefits, including improved individual productivity and reduce healthcare costs,” Mr Anderson added.

Growing market opportunity

According to Orthocell, the market for treating chronic tendon pain is a “large and growing” opportunity estimated to be in excess of US$7.7 billion (A$10.83 billion).

For example, the painful elbow condition referred to as ‘tennis elbow’ has been estimated to affect 1-3% of the general population, the company claimed.

“Tendinopathy places a significant financial burden on the public healthcare system which is expected to increase as the population ages. Treating physicians and insurers are constantly seeking advances in new treatments that are safe, effective and cost-efficient,” Orthocell stated.

According to the company, its Ortho-ATI treatment enables the accelerated regeneration of injured tendons by directly addressing the underlying cause of the injury and replenishing degenerative tissue with healthy mature tendon cells, known as tenocytes.

Ortho-ATI is currently available to patients in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Orthocell shares rose 13.33% to $0.17 on the news by early afternoon trade.

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