Orthocell’s CelGro bone regeneration device accelerates dental implant treatment timeframes, cuts costs

Orthocell ASX OCC CelGro bone regeneration device dental implant treatment timeframes cut costs
Orthocell’s CelGro bone regeneration technology can cut dental implant treatment timeframes from eight months to four.

Orthocell (ASX: OCC) has achieved a substantial reduction in dental implant treatment timeframes during a study using its CelGro regeneration device which facilitates bone and tissue repair and healing.

During a single stage dental implant study, 10 patients were treated with Orthocell’s CelGro collagen membrane. Patients were then evaluated to assess the effectiveness in CelGro accelerating treatment timeframes.

Prior to treatment with CelGro, the 10 patients had previously suffered from damaged, missing or diseased teeth, with symptoms including severe irritation, bleeding gums and an inability to chew or eat certain foods.

Usually, dental implants are carried out in two stages and take about eight months to complete.

However, patients treated with CelGro in the study successfully generated enough bone to stabilise their implants and complete treatment in four months via a single surgery.

“CelGro’s ability to deliver superior bone growth has the potential to revolutionise dental implant techniques and is highly desired by physicians and potential partners,” Orthocell managing director Paul Anderson.

“The latest results provide further evidence that positions CelGro as the best in class collagen membrane,” he added.

Meanwhile, maxillofacial surgeon Dr Brent Allan said the CelGro membrane has enabled him to move from a two-stage surgical procedure to a single-stage procedure.

“It has reduced the timeframe and cost for patients to achieve their goals.”

“This positive progression has been made possible due to the rapid and superior quality bone regeneration and handling qualities provided by the CelGro membrane,” he explained.

CelGro commercialisation

Orthocell undertook the study to demonstrate its collagen membrane can support rapid, high-quality and guided bone regeneration in the dental implant field.

The study’s results indicate CelGro can assist with rapid formation of quality, mature bone around the dental implant – leading to reduced treatment timeframes, stages and costs.

Following the study’s success, Orthocell is in partnering discussions to gain traction in key markets including Australia, the US and EU.

Orthocell has already secured CE Mark approval for CelGro to be used in the EU for bone and soft tissue repair applications.

Dental implant market

According to CelGro, the dental implant market is a rapidly growing area of orthodontic treatment.

The addressable market for CelGro is estimated at US$900 million per annum (A$1.3 billion), with around 4.3 million implant procedures carried out each year.

CelGro’s leading competitor BioGide generates €50 million (A$81.36 million) in dental bone graft sales in Europe alone.

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