Oneview Healthcare offers up digital solution in response to COVID-19 pandemic

Oneview Healthcare tablet digital solution COVID-19 pandemic NYU Langone Health ASX ONE
The Oneview Cloud tablet-based tool is currently being deployed by NYU Langone Health in New York.

Healthcare technology provider Oneview Healthcare (ASX: ONE) has set its sights on turning the COVID-19 pandemic into a commercial opportunity after announcing the first deployments of its new tablet-based solution aimed at clinicians, healthcare providers and patients.

The new tool, Oneview Cloud, aims to assist healthcare professionals to better manage hospitalised patients during and after the COVID-19 crisis by enabling virtual rounds, visitations and interpretation services.

Currently, nurses and clinicians must conduct regular “rounds” or visits to monitor patients’ progress and medical state. Virtual visitation helps to eliminate unnecessary exposure between clinicians and patients and could potentially slash infection rates at hospitals.

Meanwhile, virtual visitation and interpretation allow patients to communicate with their friends and family at any time and to obtain critical interpretation services that reduce patient anxiety while improving clinical outcomes.

Other features expected to attract wide adoption include auto-answer capabilities for inbound video calls, in-built security measures, statistics dashboards for oversight purposes and access to multiple communication applications including Cisco Jabber, Zoom and Skype.

According to Oneview, the newly developed tool will also provide patients with up-to-date information on COVID-19, as well as education and entertainment content provided by Netflix and Amazon Prime, while compatibility with other Android apps can be added “if required”.

Operationally, tablets are provided for each patient with no setup or configuration required. When a patient is discharged, the device is digitally wiped of all user data, sanitised, and is ready for use by the next patient.

Commercial results

One of the first commercial orders received was from NYU Langone Health, a top-tier academic medical centre based in New York, where the COVID-19 crisis has been escalating rapidly in recent weeks.

Oneview confirmed that NYU Langone Health is deploying its cloud-based tool “this week” with more than 370 additional tablets set to be distributed across multiple hospitals.

The company also said it is working with its clients, including Mater Group in Brisbane and Chris O’Brien Lifehouse in Sydney to deploy virtual rounding and visitation on their existing Oneview platforms.

Importantly, for both deployment and patient usability, Oneview’s cloud tool is designed for rapid deployment and does not require new infrastructure, on-site servers or integrations with other systems. However, all tablets require access to Wi-Fi and a point-to-point VPN to the Oneview Azure infrastructure.

“Healthcare organisations are having to rapidly adapt now to ensure they can deploy critical resources where they are needed the most and one of the big changes is to the daily rounds to monitor patients,” said James Fitter, chief executive officer of Oneview.

“This is extremely difficult during a pandemic because of the need for clinicians to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) which is in short supply. Our solution enables virtual rounds, eliminating unnecessary exposure between clinicians and patients, preserving scarce PPE and ensuring clinicians are being deployed for critical clinical care,” he added.

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