Nuheara unveils the most powerful hearing product in its IQbuds range

Nuheara ASX NUH hearing product IQbuds MAX
IQbuds Max delivers triple the hearing and five time the processing power of other products in Nuheara's IQbuds range.

Australian smart hearing manufacturer Nuheara Limited (ASX: NUH) has used a US technology conference to launch the most advanced and powerful hearing aid in its product line-up.

The flagship IQbuds Max device has been unveiled at the Consumer Technology Association expo in Las Vegas designed for key players in the global tech industry to network with global buyers, media and tech industry influencers.

The buds claim to deliver triple the hearing and five times the processing power of Nuheara’s proprietary IQbuds Boost hearing device, which have enjoyed growing success worldwide since their launch in early 2018.

In November, IQbuds Boost was selected by the UK’s National Health Service – the world’s largest single-payer healthcare system – to be prescribed alongside traditional hearing aids offered by the agency.

Last month, Nuheara inked another IQBuds Boost distribution deal, this time with UK-based optical and hearing retailer Specsavers Optical Group.

Triple the capability

IQbuds Max will join Nuheara’s line-up of multi-functional, self-fitting devices for customers in the mild to moderate hearing loss category who do not yet require traditional hearing aids.

The new buds will include the same features as IQbuds Boost, but will benefit from the addition of three microphones on each ear to deliver three times the hearing capability of any device produced to date by Nuheara.

The microphones allow for “incredible sound monitoring” and work with a triple-core, in-ear digital signal processing system which analyses sounds from the outside and inside of the ear to deliver optimal fidelity.

The buds will also contain a world-first hybrid active noise cancellation (HANC) system to reduce the noise of the outside world and let users focus on the conversation in front of them.

HANC features advanced filtering circuitry which creates cancellation waves in the ear to reduce distracting sounds – with the tap of a finger, users can block external noises and experience what Nuheara calls “superior noise isolation”.

The company’s proprietary EarID technology will also allow users to assess their hearing from the comfort of home and automatically calibrate the IQbuds to a pre-set personal hearing profile.

The “most aware” product

Nuheara chief executive officer Justin Miller said the incorporation of an accelerometer as well as proximity and capacitive touch sensors combine to produce the “most aware” IQbuds in the Nuheara range.

“We are thrilled to take IQbuds innovation to the next level with IQbuds Max, by offering what we believe is the most-technologically advanced, assistive-hearing product to ever hit the market,” he said.

“It is the latest addition to our ecosystem of accessible and affordable hearing solutions.”

TV audio adapter

IQbuds Max and Boost can be used in conjunction with Nuheara’s new IQstream television adapter which connects directly to a TV to deliver “crystal-clear sound” without affecting TV or home theatre audio levels.

Using the Nuheara app, users can adjust the TV’s volume independently from other viewers and balance the output with ambient sounds in the room, allowing them to participate in conversations while also listening to the TV.

Importantly, users will no longer need to increase the TV volume to levels which may be considered inconvenient by family, friends or neighbours who do not experience any level of hearing loss.

IQstream TV is the first in a range of planned hardware accessories being developed to complement IQbuds hearing product.

Both IQbuds Max and IQstream TV will be demonstrated this week at the Consumer Technology Association expo.

IQbuds Max are expected to be available to the market in late 2019.

At mid-morning, shares in Nuheara were trading 7.14% higher at $0.075.

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