Norwood Systems World Phone Version 3.0 now available on Apple iOS app store

Norwood Systems ASX NOR World Phone V3 Apple iOS app store

Norwood Systems (ASX: NOR) announced its virtual mobile telephony app World Phone Version 3.0 is now available in Apple’s iOS app store.

The app offers high quality and secure voice calling using enterprise-grade encryption, voice compression and decompression features.

According to Norwood, these features deliver “near bullet proof” security across all networks – even those lacking in security and possessing poor-quality data.

Norwood Systems World Phone Version 3 Apple iOS app store
Norwood Systems’ World Phone app on the Apple iOS store.

World Phone Version 3.0 can operate on both iOS 11 and iOS10 systems and on iPhone models from 5s to the X.

“This is a huge release for our flagship World Phone app,” Norwood managing director, chief executive officer and founder Paul Ostergaard said, adding: “We have been working on this new version of World Phone for quite some time and are excited to see if finally released on the app store this morning.”

Commenting on the technology behind the app, Mr Ostergaard said there were few companies in existence that can deliver this type of communications software.

“This is without question a world-class voice platform that, with its associated Corona CRM [content relationship management] and Corona compliance capabilities, is one step ahead of the competition,” he said.

World Phone 3.0 works in conjunction with Norwood’s World Message app and the company’s virtual mobile services platform Corona.

Corona allows organisations to provide the World Phone app and its associated features to large numbers of employees’ smartphones.

The features enable a single handset to keep work calls and messages separate from personal use. It also allows small businesses to possess a second mobile number with a virtual business identity at a “low cost”.

Additionally, using a combination of the three technologies, employee communications can be recorded and logged with CRMs and other platforms for regulated industries such as finance.

The company is also developing machine learning algorithms to incorporate into upcoming World Phone and World Message updates. To do this, it will be gathering data from smartphone calls and messaging between company staff and external stakeholders.

Mr Ostergaard said as the company adds more capabilities based on machine learning, it will move the World Phone 3.0 app “a full two steps ahead of the competition”.

The platform and apps are available in 19 different countries including Australia, the United States, United Kingdom, Germany and France.

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