Norwood Systems unveils unique service features including mobile sentiment analytics

Norwood Systems ASX NOR phone service features mobile sentiment analytics
Norwood is working with two of its key partners, Oracle and Veritas, on several mobile sentiment-analysis related opportunities that are an early stage of development.

Telecommunications provider Norwood Systems (ASX: NOR) has unveiled a range of new features as part of the ongoing development of its suite of applications.

One of its prime innovations is a “round-trip real-time voice capture” capability which also includes real-time sentiment analysis.

According to Norwood, this innovation represents the world’s first example of mobile conversation capture coupled with real-time industrial strength sentiment analysis.

Earlier today, Norwood said it has released “AI-driven mobile analytics” features in the new versions of its proprietary products World Phone, the award-winning voice app, and World Message, the high-performance SMS and instant messaging app.

For the time being, the World App is available only on Apple iOS-compatible devices but Norwood says it has supplementary versions planned for Android devices on Google Play.

“We are excited to launch these advanced capabilities for our award-winning Virtual Mobile Services platform in support of several major opportunities we are progressing this quarter with our partners, Oracle and Veritas,” said Paul Ostergaard, CEO and Founder of Norwood Systems.

“Norwood is one of the few companies, if not the only company, able to deliver this type of advanced end-to-end application over the mobile channel, which has traditionally been closed to real-time voice and messaging analytics platforms,” added Mr Ostergaard.

New improvements

According to Norwood, version 3.5 of its World Phone app represents a major advance on the previous version by supporting machine-learning enabled transcription of audio records via Corona Cloud and storing those transcriptions and associated analytics in third-party CRM platforms.

Norwood is working with several partners to deliver mobile conversation sentiment analysis and related metrics based on these transcriptions. Once implemented, the service will be the first time any party has delivered end-to-end sentiment analysis on mobile phone conversations.

World Message version 2.5 now includes embedded support for image detection and classification “at 95% accuracy” for multimedia images sent using the app. Classification results are then sent via Corona Cloud and stored alongside image content in the CRM or compliance archival platform to facilitate “improved E-Discovery”, the company said.

Norwood also said that the core feature of this release is embedded machine learning support to help organisations “characterise the sentiment of voice and messaging conversations” that take place between employees and outsiders over smartphones.

Key automated metrics such as “conversation decorum” and recipients’ “user experience” are reported, whilst more abstract metrics are also measured such as whether or not an issue was discussed and whether or not that issue was resolved during the conversation.

Combined, the raft of service feature improvements is expected to automate and streamline several functions which makes customer management far more responsive and efficient.

“Using our Virtual Mobile Services platform to analyse business-related calls and text messages in real-time fills a crucial missing piece in most large corporates’ analytics strategy. And importantly, we deliver this capability, whilst uniquely ensuring complete separation of personal and business records on a single handset,” said Mr Ostergaard.

Norwood at a glance

Norwood develops cybersecurity services through its virtual mobile services platform, Corona and suite of software products such as World Phone, World Message, World Secure and World Wi-Fi.

The company’s services deliver Over the Top (OTT) connectivity, knowledge and intelligence services, targeting a broad spectrum of prospective customers from individuals through to large enterprises and government agencies.

Norwood has delivered services to more than 6 million customers since launching its platform in mid-2014 and listing on the ASX in 2015.

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