Next Science gains US EPA approval for surface disinfectant to eliminate biofilm-based bacteria

Next Science ASX NXS Hospital Cleaner Surface Disinfectant LMN8 US Environmental Protection Agency EPA
Next Science’s surface disinfectant is a non-toxic product which uses patented Xbio technology to eliminate biofilm based bacteria.

Biotechnology company Next Science (ASX: NXS) has received notification from the US Environmental Protection Agency that its hospital cleaner surface disinfectant LMN8 has been accepted for registration.

The product has also received clearance to include a claim for effectiveness against biofilm on its labelling.

Unlike bleach and other disinfectants, LMN8 is a non-toxic product which uses Next Science’s patented Xbio technology to eliminate biofilm-based bacteria.

Biofilms make bacteria stronger and more resistant to attack, as well as more tolerant to antimicrobial agents, disinfectants, and host immune defenses in humans and animals.

Xbio attacks biofilm structures by breaking the strong metallic bonds that hold their extracellular polymeric substance matrix together, thereby exposing the bacteria within the biofilm and making it more vulnerable to attack and eradication.

Xbio’s effectiveness against many types of bacteria including Golden Staph and E. coli has been validated by clinical testing, US Food and Drug Administration clearances and more than 130,000 patient treatments since 2017.

Evidence of bacterial resistance to Xbio has not been identified to date.

Milestone achievement

LMN8 is believed to also be the only EPA-approved product with a biofilm claim stating it is non-toxic to humans, with safety glasses being the only required form of personal protection equipment during use.

Next Science managing director Judith Mitchell said the EPA registration was a significant milestone the company and reflected more than six years work behind the scenes.

“Receipt of EPA registration now gives us the opportunity to more widely assist hospitals and communities in the fight against infection,” she said.

Virus removal

Next Science’s core purpose is to eradicate biofilm-protected bacteria in order to prevent and treat infection.

The company has a number of products in market, some of which are claimed to be effective in the removal of COVID-19-type viruses.

These include Bactisure surgical lavage, BlastX chronic wound gel and SurgX sterile wound gel.

Pipeline products such as XPerience surgical rinse and a surface disinfectant designed to further address infection are awaiting US regulatory approval and scheduled for commercial release later this year.

Ms Mitchell said Next Science expects to benefit from an increased focus worldwide on infection prevention during the current pandemic.

“[We believe] this increased awareness should over time, lead to further demand for our proprietary infection control and treatment products,” Ms Mitchell said.

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