Neurotech to treat autism, epilepsy and ADHD using Dolce Cann’s proprietary cannabis strains

Neurotech ASX NTI cannabis treat autism epilepsy ADHD Dolce Cann strain
Neurotech points out a key feature of Dolce’s proprietary cannabis is its low THC and high levels of cannabinoids believed affective in treating neurological disorders.

Neurotech International (ASX: NTI) has collared an exclusive global licence to use Dolce Cann Global’s cannabis strains to treat autism, epilepsy and ADHD.

Dolce is an Australian based medicinal cannabis company that has created proprietary cannabis genetics from 13 rare chemovars.

These have been bolstered over the past 20 years by selective breeding to create plants to meet various requirements including yield, climate, cultivation method, phytochemical content, flower, seed, fibre or biomass.

According to Neurotech, recent profiling of leaf cuttings from 650 Dolce seedlings revealed high levels of cannabinoids CBG, CBC, CBN and CBDV.

In recent research, these cannabinoids have been shown to have potential in treating neurological disorders.

“Neurotech has been researching in the field of autism and other neurological disorders for more than five years as it developed its Mente autism device,” Neurotech chairman Mark Davies said.

“With more evidence pointing to the potential for certain cannabinoids to help treat neurological disorders it makes sense for us to explore this possibility through the agreement with leading cannabis genetics breeder Dolce, and we are excited to get started on this research over the coming months.”

Low THC component

Neurotech noted that a key feature of Dolce’s cannabis is that its strains contain less than 0.3% THC, which is the component that has psychoactive effects.

Using these strains gives Neurotech the option to evaluate them in children without potential psychoactive side-effects.

“Neurotech believes that a combined approach to autism treatment, potentially combining the technology of its own Mente device with Dolce cannabis strains could lead to new treatment options becoming available as trials progress,” the company stated.

Research pathway

Neurotech has developed a three-stage pathway to evaluate Dolce’s proprietary cannabis in treating neurological disorders.

The first will be completed in collaboration with ACS Laboratories and involve in vitro assessments to investigate dose response, assess toxicity, profile mechanism of action and select the top strains.

In the second stage, small scale human trials will be carried out in collaboration with senior clinical advisors – ending with approval submissions to regulatory bodies including the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

The final stage will comprise product formulation and final dose profiling with market entry to be in collaboration with Medipharm Australia.

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