Neurotech launches pilot virtual clinic for autism patients and their carers

Neurotech International ASX NTI virtual mente clinic
Neurotech International has launched a pilot version of its virtual Mente Clinic.

Medical solutions developer Neurotech International (ASX: NTI) has launched a pilot version of a virtual clinic which enables doctors to interact with autism patients and remotely monitor their progress.

The online clinic allows for appointments via video conferencing, and will enable doctors to provide a service to clients in areas where access to a clinic is restricted.

Patients signing up to the Mente website under the Early Adopter program will benefit from substantial discounts on the starter pack ($640 compared to $800) and subscription model.

Early Adopters also receive regular updates on Mente and new services offered.

While there are no contractual obligations, Neurotech said it would encourage users to contribute to ongoing validation projects by providing periodic feedback on the website’s usability and their experience using the product.

A public release version of the Mente software application is also available on the App Store for iOS or Android.

World first therapy

Mente is the world’s first home-based complementary therapy which has been clinically-proven to increase engagement and improve relaxation in autistic children with elevated Delta band brain activity.

The lightweight, wireless device helps to self-regulate attention and moods by “feeding” the brain with tailor-made sounds using the patient’s brain activity to adjust the audio feedback.

It has been designed to reduce excessive activations of low and high frequency brainwaves, such as Delta and Beta, which can be observed among neurodevelopmental disorders and learning difficulties.

These “unbalanced” brain patterns can lead to typical autism symptoms such as inattention, impulsivity and hyperactivity, anxiety, sleep and memory problems.

Mente utilises a patient’s electroencephalogram (EEG) activity as a continuous input to drive brainwave entrainment, customising the stimulation from moment to moment as the patient’s EEG changes.

The technology facilitates adjustment of ongoing background brain activity without the patient’s active awareness, making it suitable for use in young patients or others who may have difficulty paying attention for extended periods.

At midday, shares in Neurotech were 121.43% higher at $0.031.

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