NeuRizer appoints Kellogg Brown and Root as ammonia licensor for urea project

NeuRizer ASX NRZ Kellogg Brown and Root KBR ammonia licensor urea project
NeuRizer managing director Phil Staveley says appointing Kellogg Brown and Root as ammonia licensor is a significant step towards construction of the urea project.

Emerging urea producer NeuRizer (ASX: NRZ) has approved the appointment of top tier global company Kellogg Brown and Root as ammonia licensor for its flagship project in South Australia.

Under the terms of an engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning (EPCC) contract signed this week with South Korea’s DL E&C, NeuRizer has the right to approve the appointment and selection of technology providers for the urea development.

The appointment rounds out the number of licensors required and includes in-situ gasification (ISG) technology owned by NeuRizer and a urea technology licence which is soon to be awarded.

BED package

Kellogg will deliver a basic engineering design (BED) package and final piping and instrumentation design, which is considered a critical requirement for DL to complete front-end engineering and design (FEED) work.

The company had to meet a number of selection criteria including ammonia licensors with the highest numbers of plants of this capacity already built; lowest process water consumption; and approvals experience in highly regulated countries.

Managing director Phil Staveley said the appointment was a significant step towards construction of the urea project.

“Kellogg is a distinguished technology and engineering company which will provide high-quality advice and support needed for engineering design [of this project] and the equipment needed for the ammonia manufacturing plant,” he said.

“We look forward to working closely with Kellogg towards construction and making this a flagship urea producer for the local and export agriculture markets.”

Low-cost, high-quality fertiliser

The NeuRizer urea project will deliver low-cost, high-quality, nitrogen-based fertiliser ensuring a secure supply for local and export agriculture markets.

Located 550 kilometres north of Adelaide, it is designed to initially produce 1 million tonnes per annum of urea fertiliser with the potential to increase to 2Mtpa.

NeuRizer is a carbon neutral organisation, which was awarded a certification in March (prior to the name change from Leigh Creek Energy).

The project is carbon neutral by design and the decarbonisation pathway is embedded in the FEED process to ensure NeuRizer achieves zero carbon operations from first production in 2025.

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