Nanoveu completes vision correction screen technology EyeFyx, lodges patents

Nanoveu ASX NVU EyeFyx prototype patents presbyopia farsightedness
Nanoveu is targeting first production of EyeFyx in the second half of next year after a few refinements.

Nanoveu’s (ASX: NVU) has completed the prototype of its far-sighted screen cover correction technology EyeFyx and lodged patents.

The prototype has been designed to correct the output from digital displays for people suffering from far sightedness or presbyopia.

EyeFyx is a physical cover that can be applied to a 14-inchy laptop display as well as a software application to adjust output rate for different prescriptions.

It is a thin PET film that acts as a large-scale optical lens and is underpinned by Nanoveu’s knowledge of nanoimprinting lithography technology.

The lens works in partnership with software and is capable of transforming the screen in real-time up to a refresh-rate of about 60 frames per second with only minor loss of resolution.

It effectively corrects far sightedness across a range of prescriptions, eliminating the need for glasses.

Nanoveu executive chairman and chief executive officer Alfred Chong said the completion of the prototype was a “fantastic result” for the company and an example of its “world leading technology”.

Patent and commercial opportunities

With the prototype now developed and operating, Nanoveu has lodged a patent with the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore.

“Nanoveu has taken the prudent step of filing patent to protect its technology and is determined to continue developing the product towards commercialisation,” Mr Chong explained.

“The product is revolutionary and has major potential to disrupt the digital display industry, creating a new market of products specifically for people suffering far sightedness.”

He added Nanoveu is pursuing discussions with digital display makers to evaluate the potential of creating a monitor with EyeFyx in-built.

As part of the patent application, Nanoveu reviewed other intellectual property in the field. None of those identified had a similar nature to EyeFyx.

Nanoveu claims this fact affirms the “market-leading potential” of its product.

The company is targeting first production in the second half of next year after a few refinements.

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