Nanoveu’s third generation vision correcting smartphone and tablet lenses surpass previous versions

Nanoveu ASX NVU EyeFyx lens correcting digital phone tablet
Nanoveu anticipates end-user trials will begin on its EyeFyx lens and software technology as soon as mid-2020.

Nanoveu (ASX: NVU) has now fabricated its third generation of patented lenses for smartphones and tablets that can be altered using software to correct vision without requiring a user to wear glasses.

The company has developed a thin film known as EyeFyx which is an optical correcting lens made with nano-scale structures that can bend light emitted from a digital display.

According to Nanoveu, the lens is amenable to software manipulation to correct vision.

In conjunction with Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University, Nanoveu is testing multiple thin films imprinted with different nanolens structures.

The testing aims to hone the parameters of the lens structure and software combination.

A third batch of lenses was received in October for testing with initial evaluation validating the team’s proof of concept hypothesis and confirming that the proprietary algorithms can match any high-performance lenses.

Nanoveu’s 3D technology and proprietary techniques have been migrated into the project which the company claims have alleviated the need to develop specific lenses for each digital display and can streamline the manufacturing process.

“The EyeFyx solution and images have surpasses all previous demonstrations to date,” the company stated.

If planned lab tests are completed to schedule, Nanoveu anticipates end-user trials will begin as soon as mid-2020.

Nanoveu noted the low cost and flexibility in manufacturing the lenses means it could “rapidly adapt” its product lines as new phone and tablet models come to market.

EyeFyx market

Nanoveu anticipates the market for its EyeFyx technology is “significant”.

The company pointed out that most people over 50 will suffer from age-related presbyopia (farsightedness).

Although Nanoveu is initially targeting smartphone and tablet markets, the company expects its technology can be incorporated into numerous other digital devices including e-readers, cash registers and car dashboards.


In addition to the emerging EyeFyx technology, Nanoveu has developed EyeFly3D which converts 2D digital displays into 3D without the need for glasses.

The technology is currently available for Apple iPhones and Google Pixel 3 phones. It has also won “numerous industry awards”.

Nanoveu’s share price was steady at $0.044 in early morning trade.

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