Nanoveu’s antiviral smartphone screen protector effective against human coronaviruses

Nanoveu ASX NVU antiviral smartphone screen human coronavirus
Testing showed that Nanoveu’s technology reduced human coronavirus particles by 99.99% after 30 minutes.

Ongoing independent testing of Nanoveu’s (ASX: NVU) antiviral smartphone screen has further validated its effectiveness against human coronaviruses – shoring up the company’s commercialisation plans for later this year.

The company’s technology was assessed at Bioscience Laboratories’ facility in the US and involved the human transmitted coronavirus strain OC43.

As part of the testing, an OC43 solution was placed on a thin film containing Nanoveu’s antiviral technology.

Results showed that after 30 minutes the number of viable or infectious coronavirus particles was reduced by 99.99%.

“Nanoveu has again received a strong validation from further independent testing of its antiviral technology, which has all but eradicated the coronavirus in half an hour,” Nanoveu executive chairman and chief executive officer Alfred Chong said.

“It is particularly pleasing to see that the antiviral technology is not only proven as an effective agent at killing certain strands of coronaviruses, but is highly successful at killing viruses capable of infecting humans.”

“Give the strong public health focus on COVID-19, these test results represent fantastic news for Nanoveu as well as to the broader population and I am proud to say we are another step closer to providing safer devices for all digital screen users,” Mr Chong added.

Advancing the Nanoveu technology

Today’s results follow testing earlier in the month that revealed the screen technology was effective against a coronavirus strain originating from mice.

Researchers from the National University of Singapore used a mouse-based surrogate viral solution of human coronavirus 229E on the antiviral screen, with results showing a 90% reduction in the number of coronavirus particles in 10 minutes.

Other tests have confirmed the technology is also efficient at eradicating influenza virus H3N2, feline calicivirus (F9 strain), and bacteria such as Escherichia coli (E. coli).

Now that the Bioscience Laboratories’ testing has been completed, Nanoveu noted it possesses multiple independent research results confirming the success of its antiviral smartphone screen against coronaviruses impacting humans and animals.

The company’s next step is to secure Class I Medical Device approval for its antiviral screen protectors with Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration, which will open the door for the protectors to be sold throughout the country.

Nanoveu is targeting the launch of its screen protectors on the Australian market before the end of the year.

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