MyFiziq’s body measurement app update enables single user functionality

MyFiziq ASX MYQ body measurement app update single user functionality

Health and fitness technology developer MyFiziq (ASX: MYQ) has unveiled its latest update for its body measurement app, which allows a person’s measurements to be taken using a smartphone’s front facing camera, eliminating the need for someone else to take the photo.

The enhanced app is available in the iTunes App Store and users can now place the smartphone on a waste-high surface and follow the on-screen instructions to have their body measurements taken.

According to MyFiziq chief executive officer Vlado Bosanac, prior to the update, another person was required to take the pictures.

“Now an individual has the ability to do this in complete privacy, which is far more attractive to our partners and their potential end users,” Mr Bosanac said.

He added the updated app also delivers greater accuracy and repeatability.

As well as eliminating the need for another person, MyFiziq carried out multiple refinements to the back-end to improve user experience, in-device normalisation, and avatar object creation.

My Fiziq app taking photo

The updated app loads faster than previous versions and offers a reduced cost to MyFiziq.

“The completion of the single user experience is a game changer for our technology,” Mr Bosanac said.

“This version is now our default software development kit offering, and, importantly, will enable us to integrate seamlessly with our partners’ applications.

“With the iOS software development kit in place, we will also be looking to expand our capability in the Android market and offer cross-platform functionality,” Mr Bosanac said.

Floyd Mayweather partnership

Earlier this month, MyFiziq secured a partnership with FitLab which created a Mayweather Boxing + Fitness app based on world champion boxer Floyd Mayweather’s training and workouts.

Additionally, Mayweather Boxing + Fitness gyms are due to be launched throughout the world in 2018.

Under the agreement, FitLab will incorporate MyFiziq’s body measurement app into the its own Mayweather program to enable Mayweather fans to track their body changes.

By mid-December, Mayweather had 41 million social media followers.

Depending on final subscription numbers, the MyFiziq app will be offered to Mayweather users on a monthly subscription model priced between US$0.80 and US$1.50.

The partners are aiming to launch a market ready product within the first quarter of next year and no later than mid-2018.

MyFiziq also has several other joint ventures in place to incorporate the app into other medical and fitness company offerings.

Mr Bosanac and Dr Katherine Iscoe established MyFiziq in 2014 to use smartphone pics to create a 3D avatar which comprises accurate measurements of a user’s arms, hips, chest and waste and other body parts that can be stored and tracked. The app is based on the concept that these measurements can offer users more useful information of progress compared monitoring weight or BMI.

As well as health and fitness, MyFiziq anticipates the app will be useful when purchasing online clothing to ensure accurate sizing – resulting in reduced returns. MyFiziq also expects the app will be useful in the medical and insurance sector to offer a better indicator of health than measuring weight alone.

MyFiziq has turned into a 20-bagger stock in less than two months, with its share price rocketing more than 1,700% since mid-October when it hovered at A$0.05. In the first few minutes of this morning’s trade, MyFiziq was steady at A$0.90.

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