Mobilicom gears up for first commercial delivery of Ground Controller Stations to billion-dollar drone UAV client

Mobilicom ASX MOB commercial delivery Ground Controller Stations drone UAV
Mobilicom’s customer is one of the largest drone, UAV and robotics’ suppliers outside of the US and will recommend Mobilicom to its customers.

Mobilicom (ASX: MOB) is gearing up to deliver its first commercial batch of Ground Controller Stations (CGS) for it multi-billion dollar international drone and fixed wing unmanned aerial vehicle client in September, with its existing $2 million contract now expanded to $2.24 million.

The company has delivered two series of prototype units to its customer for inspection and review and completed integration with the customer’s drones and fixed wing UAV systems.

After passing the reviews, Mobilicom has now begun commercial manufacturing of its CGS solution.

Mobilicom said its customer plans to offer Mobilicom’s CGS solution with all of its drones and UAV systems worldwide – which it expects will lead to additional orders.

The unnamed customer’s annual revenues exceed $3.6 billion, with Mobilicon noting the customer is an international high technology company and one of the largest drone, UAV and robotics suppliers outside of the US.

As a result, Mobilicom chief executive officer Oren Elkayam said the company was now preparing for high-volume production of its CGS.

“We are pleased this highly regarded company in the drone and unmanned systems sector has defined our solution as its building block for all future small UAV and drone projects, and demonstrates our capacity to mee the high specification needs of our clients,” he added.

Mobilicom technology

Mobilicom designs, develops and delivers communication solution for mission-critical and remote private networks that can operation without requiring existing infrastructure.

The company’s products combine 4G and Mobile MESH technologies.

Mobilicom has two main business units, with the first focusing on providing mission-critical communication to governments and businesses, with applications in unmanned platforms, disaster relief, public safety, offshore and remote areas.

Meanwhile, the second division known as SkyHopper is an end-to-end equipment and solution provider targeting commercial drone and robotics.

SkyHopper’s solutions include both hardware and software and has worked with big names such as Airbus and Samsung.

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