Minbos Resources to collaborate with Talus on modular green ammonia developments

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By Colin Hay - 
Minbos Resources ASX MNB Talus AG ammonia agreement

Fertiliser producer Minbos Resources (ASX: MNB) has signed a non-binding collaboration agreement with green ammonia technology leader Talus Renewables.

The two companies have agreed to work together and use their combined resources to optimise the deployment of Talus’ modular ammonia, renewable energy storage and power generation technology.

The selection of Talus as a collaboration partner followed a six-month evaluation by Minbos of the technical merits of various green ammonia providers that included a site visit to Kenya by managing director Lindsay Reed and chief operating officer Steve Abbott to view its modular green ammonia technology powered by renewable solar power.

New pathways

Talus’ technology extracts hydrogen from water and combines it with atmospheric nitrogen to produce liquid ammonia, the elemental building block of commercial fertilisers and mining explosives.

Importantly, its modular ammonia system produces lower-cost, carbon-free ammonia at or near the point of use, offering new pathways to development.

Minbos says Talus’ modular ammonia technology has the potential to create value for its agriculture and mining support business.

Angola site selected

Under the agreement, Talus Renewables will use its TalusAg technology in the development of a green ammonia project at Minbos’ Capanda project in Angola.

Under the Build Own Operate (BOO) model, Talus will fund the capital costs of ammonia production in return for a long-term offtake agreement.

The company believes the agreement has the potential to transform Minbos into one of the most unique investment opportunities on the ASX, featuring the lowest-cost renewable power feedstock in the world, access to a fast-growing agricultural market with no primary fertiliser production and support by Angolan government policies in a region with one of the world’s fastest-growing populations.

Major cost reduction

“The Talus modular technology and BOO model will massively reduce our funding commitment to produce nitrogen fertilisers in Angola,” Mr Reed said.

“Talus offers an accelerated path to green ammonia production—a flexible, low-capital solution that can be deployed at a range of scales, in different locations, to produce different products.”

“The technology neatly matches Angola’s opportunities with its markets – there is much more to come in this story.”