MGC Pharmaceuticals presents ‘ground-breaking’ research into effect of cannabis on brain cancer

MGC Pharmaceuticals ASX MXC cannabinoids brain cancer research cannabis
Cannabinoid formulations are shown to be able to target glioblastoma stem cells that are considered to be the “roots” of the disease and the critical target in oncology therapy.

Biopharmaceutical company MGC Pharmaceuticals (ASX: MXC) has completed what it calls “ground-breaking research” that highlights the effectiveness of cannabinoids on various brain cancers.

Earlier today, the “seed to pharmacy” bio-pharma company published what it calls “new facts” on the pre-clinical research which highlighted the positive impact of using specific cannabinoid formulations in the treatment of glioblastoma – currently the most aggressive and therapeutically resistant primary brain tumour in human beings.

The results of the extensive tests indicate a strong translational component of the preclinical studies that the research participants believe will have wider implications for the use of cannabinoid compounds for the treatment of brain and other types of cancer.

Furthermore, MGC Pharma’s research has demonstrated that selective cannabinoids preparations inhibited tumour growth in vitro and could also induce apoptosis of glioblastoma cells.

Most importantly, cannabinoid formulations were shown to be able to target glioblastoma stem cells that are considered to be the “roots” of the disease and the critical target in oncology therapy.

The completed research was conducted in collaboration with the National Institute of Biology and University Medical Centre Ljubljana has been hailed as a “major scientific breakthrough” for MGC Pharma in successfully applying cannabinoid compounds on cancerous cells.

“This research is a major breakthrough for the treatment of tumours with cannabinoid-based formulations and has wider implications on different cancer treatments,” said Mr Roby Zomer, co-founder and managing director of MGC Pharma.

“The full research report successfully shows that compounded cannabinoid formulations can have a positive effect on the treatment of glioblastoma, reducing the growth of a tumour cell and killing the cancerous stem cells,” Mr Zomer said.

Onwards and upwards

The research published today is yet another step forward for cannabis as a treatment option for a host of ailments and diseases, having been restricted by government regulation on a worldwide scale for decades.

Medicinal cannabis, both in its CBD and THC form, is undergoing increasingly more studies and is racking up success stories in the lab in several countries including Australia, Europe and the US.

MGC Pharma wants to get in on the act and commercialise a range of cannabis-based treatments with a “cannabinoid compound matrix” currently being developed, that will be used to target a wider range of cancers and significantly advance its R&D capabilities.

Mr Zomer explained that MGC Pharma is a “cannabinoid-focused pharmaceutical company” working with the international scientific community with the latest research done in Ljubljana highlighting the success of this partnership strategy.

The ultimate aim is to use multilateral collaboration to accelerate development and advance its own drug development product pipeline, in order to commercialise this once forgotten, but now rediscovered herb.

Looking forward, MGC Pharma has confirmed that it plans to continue on its mission to broaden its cannabinoid cancer research programs with further involvement of leading medical research institutions, such as the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

According to Mr Zomer, MGC Pharma’s programs are expected to have “material implications for future trials targeting cancer treatments” and to maintain the company’s existing position within the cannabinoid focused pharmaceutical sector.

“We continue to develop our seed to pharmacy strategy, creating pharmaceutical-based formulations in targeting medical conditions, including cancers, epilepsy and dementia, and we look forward to increasing our revenues as we increase sales and capitalise on our unique position in the market. I look forward to updating investors on developments including progress from our new Maltese commercial hub, as we look to build our commercial platform and shareholder value,” said Mr Zomer.

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