Megastar expands its audience reach to over 50 million people

Megastar MSM ASX Boomopolis talent competition audience reach

MSM Corporation International (ASX: MSM) has entered into an agreement with social media talent agency, Boomopolis, to engage 12 of its top social media performers as part of the marketing program for the launch of the worldwide Megastar competition.

Key Highlights:

  • 12 performers from leading social media talent agency, Boomopolis, will enter Megastar bringing a combined audience reach of more than 15 million fans to the competition.
  • Megastar’s total audience reach increases to more than 50 million.
  • Boomopolis is a social media talent agency that leverages its combined audience reach of over 200 million followers to amplify campaigns for leading international brands.
  • Megastar’s Sponsored Performers will amplify brand awareness by entering the competition and actively promoting it on multiple social media platforms.

Boomopolis is a leading social media talent agency that boasts a combined network of over 200 million fans and followers. It facilitates relationships between social media talent and its leading international brand clients. Boomopolis forms part of Hello Media Inc. an integrated digital marketing and communications group.

The Boomopolis performers will enter Megastar and leverage their existing social media presence to direct promotional posts to their combined audience of more than 15 million social media followers throughout the competition.

Megastar will continue to add performers and influencers to promote the brand, and attract users, as part of its multifaceted marketing strategy.

These additions to the team bring Megastar’s total audience reach to more than 50 million social media followers via sponsored performers and paid social media influencers.

Building on its recent agreement with leading talent agencies, DanceOn and Fullscreen Media, this agreement with Boomopolis significantly advances Megastar towards its total audience reach target of 80 million, ahead of the impending phased launch of auditions for the Megastar competition.

Megastar is a world first mobile talent competition, featuring performers from a range of categories including; magicians, musicians, singers, extreme sports and comedians, competing to win a Million US Dollars, a role in a film and various other prizes.

Winners are chosen by fans voting in the competition through the Megastar App.

Boomopolis CEO, Evan Aaronson commented;

“Brand association is an incredibly influential thing today. To be aligned with the Megastar competition is a great prospect for us here at Boomopolis. We are excited to be part of such an innovative world first mobile talent competition and our influencers can’t wait to tell their followers about it.”

MSM Managing Director, Dion Sullivan commented;

“Engaging with Boomopolis and their talented social media performers is another significant advancement in the build-up to Megastar’s phased launch. This agreement will promote our exciting new product to an even larger audience to discover, promote, and interact with, inspiring performers via the competition.”

MSM Executive Director Asia‐Pacific, Sophie McGill commented;

“This new relationship increases Megastar’s reach to more than 50 million people. That is quite the global stage. I am so excited to give the opportunity for Megastar talent to be exposed to such an enormous and engaged audience. With these new social influencers in place as sponsored performers, in addition to the 36 we have already secured, the launch of Megastar is sure to reach a worldwide audience.”

About MSM Corporation International (Megastar)

MSM Corporation International Limited (MSMCI) is an online entertainment company that specialises in building and launching new digital entertainment products to audiences in the US, Great Britain, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and South Africa.

MSMCI partners with local operators in non‐English speaking markets to maximise the reach of its products and services globally.

MSMCI’s flagship product is Megastar, a global, mobile‐first talent competition, featuring performers of any category, competing to win a Million US Dollars, a role in a film and various other prizes.

The first Megastar competition launches in MSMCI’s six core markets with the App available for download from the Apple and Google Stores.

Additional Megastar competitions will subsequently launch in non‐English speaking markets via partnering and licensing agreements.

For more information visit the Megastar Millionaire website.

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