Locksley Resources continues chase for high-grade rare earths at Mojave project’s North Block

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By Imelda Cotton - 
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Locksley Resources (ASX: LKY) has commenced follow-up sampling to chase high-grade rare earth elements at the North Block of its flagship Mojave rare earths project in the US.

A first-pass program earlier this year collected samples from dry stream beds over a broad area within the prospect, with the aim of identifying smaller areas of interest in need of additional ground reconnaissance.

Six catchments were identified as potential rare earths source areas and seven highly-anomalous results were returned with total rare earth oxides (TREO) content ranging from 0.103% (1,030 parts per million) to 0.26% (2,600ppm).

At the time, Locksley said the sampling indicated anomalous elevated rare earths geochemistry and the possibility of a rare earths deposit upstream from where the samples were collected.

The company said the results represented a new area of rare earths potential at North Block, which comprises 164 claims across 14.9 square kilometres.

Identifying additional rare earths

Follow-up stream sediment and reconnaissance rock-chip sampling at the identified catchment areas aims to identify more high-grade rare earths within the broader Mojave project area.

The current program will further explore the anomalous stream sediment results to narrow down the potential outcropping source.

Reconnaissance rock chip work will take place upstream from the identified catchments shedding rare earths.

Mojave location

The Mojave project sits in California’s Mojave desert and consists of the North Block, South Block, and El Campo prospects.

The project is positioned next to one of the world’s highest-grade rare earths mines and contains multiple carbonatite rare earth elements veins.

Past exploration has returned high-grade TREO rock chip results of up to 9.49%.

The North Block sits adjacent to North America’s only rare earth mining and processing operation at Mountain Pass, owned by MP Materials Corporation.

The mine is the largest producer of high-grade rare earth materials in the western hemisphere, delivering approximately 15% of global supply.