LiveHire to roll-out platform to Rizing’s clients, expands US and Asia Pacific footprints

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Under a new agreement Rizing will promote LiveHire’s human capital management platform to its clients.

Talent management provider LiveHire (ASX: LVH) has secured an agreement to roll-out its platform to Rizing LLC’s clients, with both companies to work collaboratively to train staff in using the platform as well as undertaking public relations and marketing activities.

Under the solution partnership agreement, Rizing will introduce the LiveHire talent management platform to its clients and receive commission on any deals that lead to a signed and paid client contract for LiveHire.

Rizing will also promote LiveHire to employees, existing and potential clients as its preferred recruitment and talent pooling platform.

“We are extremely pleased to partner with Rizing who will promote the LiveHire talent community platform, helping increase our reputation in the Asia Pacific and US markets,” LiveHire chief executive officer Christy Forest said.

“Significantly, through this partnership with Rizing, we are now working with one of the world’s largest implementors of SAP SuccessFactors.”

SAP SuccessFactors

According to LiveHire, SAP SuccessFactors is a leading cloud-based human capital management system, with more than 6,700 customers across 200 countries.

LiveHire integrates with various SAP SuccessFactors modules to deliver two-way real time information sharing – giving internal recruitment and HR teams a seamless user experience.

“Live talent data from candidate profiles in the LiveHire ecosystem can flow into and enrich the SAP SuccessFactors suites of products,” LiveHire explained.

“The integration with SAP SuccessFactors positioned LiveHire as a technology of choice for medium-to-large organisations shifting from reactive to proactive recruitment, improving cost, time and quality of hire,” the company stated.

Economic impact of the deal

The agreement between Rizing and LiveHire is indefinite and, as a result, LiveHire is unable to accurately determine total revenues the deal will generate.

The company noted revenue was contingent on client opportunities with commissions to Rizing decided on a case-by-case basis.

However, LiveHire has pointed out that Rizing is the second largest SAP SuccessFactors company in the world, servicing 40% of SAP SuccessFactors’ clients worldwide.

Additionally, Rizing employs more than 850 full-time industry experts who attend and deliver presentations at more than 50 industry events around the world each year.

“This partnership will help accelerate talent acquisition while providing a compelling candidate experience,” Rizing executive vice president Asia Pacific Mike Ellis said.

“Rizing’s proven transformation services enable clients to successfully implement their chosen technology. The addition of LiveHire to SuccessFactors will make attracting talent and employee engagement easier and more powerful, increasing effectiveness,” Mr Ellis added.

By mid-morning, shares in LiveHire were up 8.11% to $0.40.

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