LiveHire hits US market with Workforce Logiq agreement

LiveHire ASX LVH United States market Workforce Logiq
LiveHire will implement its talent acquisition and engagement platform for five Workforce Logiq clients in the US.

LiveHire (ASX: LVH) has expanded into the US market through an agreement with Workforce Logiq, which will see LiveHire roll-out its human capital performance platform for five Workforce Logiq clients.

Headquartered in Orlando, Workforce Logiq has $3 billion in customer projects across 50 countries and its five enterprise clients for LiveHire will come from a range of industries.

Under the agreement, LiveHire started providing its services on 6 March to Workforce Logiq, which will exclusively use LiveHire’s platform for its talent community services.

According to LiveHire, its talent acquisition and engagement platform “revolutionises” candidate experience and enables businesses to “thrive” with on-demand talent.

Meanwhile, Workforce Logiq is a workforce management company that enables organisations to secure the talent needed to grow.

“The LiveHire platform is globally unique and striving to solve an acute problem for organisations: how to deliver a candidate experience that can attract, engage and hire the best talent, at scale, whilst reducing the low value activities and administration, enabling talent acquisition teams to focus on more strategic initiatives,” LiveHire chief executive officer Christy Forest said.

“This is an exciting and well-prepared step change in LiveHire’s growth, and we will now commence scaling the LiveHire platform internationally into an immediate, willing and large customer base,” Ms Forest added.

Workforce Logiq provides expert guidance, real-time analytics, as well as technologies including managed service provider (MSP), vendor management system and recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) solutions.

As part of the agreement, LiveHire will initially support five of Workforce Logiq’s clients across MSP and RPO markets.

The MSP market covers the outsourced management of an organisation’s contractor hires, while RPO encompasses the outsourced management of a company’s permanent hires.

“Innovative MSP and RPO partners who manage large client bases are undoubtedly LiveHire’s fastest path to scale into new markets, serving tens of thousands of enterprise clients,” Ms Forest said.

“Workforces Logiq’s mission is to deliver continuous innovation to its client base around total talent management, and with clients in 50 countries, served by four global solution centres, they are a perfect partner aligned to LiveHire’s purpose to empower the flow of the world’s talent,” she added.

After an early morning run that saw its share price hit $0.71, LiveHire had slipped to $0.64 by mid-morning trade – down almost 4.5% on the previous day’s close of $0.67.

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