Lithium Universe selects Bécancour Port for spodumene imports to Quebec Refinery

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By Imelda Cotton - 
Lithium Universe ASX LU7 Becancour port announcement Quebec Canada

Lithium Universe (ASX: LU7) has completed a study focused on identifying a port location for the import of spodumene to its proposed Bécancour lithium refinery in Canada.

The company determined that the preferred port would be at Bécancour, situated approximately 2.5 kilometres from the refinery’s location in Québec.

Owned by the Québec government, the port is under the management of Société du parc industriel et portuaire de Bécancour and operated by Québec Stevedoring.

It comprises five berths, ranging from 150 metres to 292m in length and currently handles more than 3.5 million tonnes of cargo per year to service over 100m consumers within a 1,000km radius.

Bécancour port sits along the St Lawrence river and plays a pivotal role as a strategic transportation hub for the region, providing connections to road and rail services.

Study parameters

The port study evaluated the capability of key locations such as Trois-Rivières, Sorel, Québec and Montreal, along with Bécancour, to manage the importation and storage of spodumene.

It focused on assessing a logistical importation framework and examined infrastructure, specific capabilities and available equipment of each target to ensure the selection of optimal routes and storage solutions.

The study also outlined the inherent risks and challenges linked to spodumene transportation including the management of dust emissions, adherence to regulations, safeguarding workers and community health and safety, as well as environmental concerns.

Spodumene feed

Lithium Universe said its proposed refinery would rely on spodumene feed sourced from Canada or external locations nearby to the Atlantic Ocean such as Brazil, Africa or even Australia.

It is expected to consume 10,000 tonnes of spodumene every four weeks, with an annual transportation volume estimated at 140,000t.

The delivery plan is expected to comprise bulk shipments of 30,000t and a minimum shipment requirement of 10,000t per vessel.

Spodumene will then be transported to the Bécancour refinery by road to ensure a strategic and efficient supply chain.