Linius launches stage one with for 2019 Spring Carnival

Linius Technologies Racing Spring Carnival 2019 ASX LNU
Linius Technologies has begun deploying the first stage of its video virtualisation technology for

Video technology company Linius Technologies (ASX:LNU) has launched the first stage of deploying its video virtualisation technology with sports betting site, called Replay Hub.

Under the agreement announced in September, Linius will deliver multiple world-first video experiences in the racing industry, and for video as a whole, integrating a number of personalised video experiences for the website’s subscribers.

“ provides strong examples of video hyper-personalisation in both the wagering and sports sectors. Betting on horse racing in Australia alone generates $18 billion in annual revenues, and globally it’s worth over $116 billion each year,” said Linius chief executive officer Chris Richardson. is the media rights holder for Victorian and South Australian thoroughbred racing, as well as broadcasting Hong Kong and other selected international feature race meetings.

“We virtualised content, enriched data and developed a user interface to enable the search and assembly of video. We are excited to get this stage one live and in-action for this year’s Spring Carnival,” said Mr Richardson.

Replay Hub enables users to search and ensemble specific video data on any horse, any jockey, any track, even in any weather condition.

Continuing to kick goals globally

Linius recently announced deals with Australian Rules Football Club, Essendon and video platform provider Swanbay TV to roll-out the Sports Club Solution across Australia’s football industry and the English Premier League across Europe.

The Linius Sports Club Solution provides a cloud-based video editing service that enables coaches, players and club members to assemble and compile select sports footage, to easily create personalised training and scouting videos, or fan highlight reels.

“One of the main places Linius is getting traction in the market is in sports. Video is the future, everyone is moving in that direction and Linius is leading the race in this field,” Mr Richardson explained.

Swanbay TV has invested in and integrated Linius’ technology into its Global Community Development Program (GCDP), which is accessed by content and licence owners and will enable the Linius Sports Club Solution to be used across multiple devices globally, focusing primarily on its mobile platform.

“We believe we will be the first platform globally to offer a simple plug and play access to the Linius technology. This will be a fan and follower ‘game changer’ in the way they consume sports content.  We are working with a number of clubs, brands and associations globally to roll this out across its mobile platforms,” Swanbay TV chief executive officer Steve O’Meara said.

King of the pack

Linius’ technology is applicable across several key verticals outside of sports and betting such as education, defence and media broadcasters.

“We’re seeing a number of what I’d class as heavyweights from the media and entertainment space that are extremely exciting for Linius and broadcast is one of our key verticals,” Mr Richardson noted.

One broadcaster Linius is currently working with has 12 million subscribers and has shown early modelling of $5 per month per customer, at a conversion rate of 25%, equating to $1.8 billion in additional revenue.

Linius’ Video Virtualisation Engine (VVE) scans and enriches all raw video footage with new metadata and tags, enabling users to easily search for key terms then splice together desired footage.

Using the technology, sports clubs will be able to reduce the cost and time associated with traditional video editing when compiling match reviews to find relevant content faster.

“Video virtualisation technology transforms the entire world of video. As it stands, video is hard to use, as you can’t use it the same way you would use text – it becomes cumbersome to search for a specific section. Linius’ technology has made this possible,” Mr Richardson said.

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