Linius partners with Hemisphere to deliver individualised and blocker immune ad tech

Linius Technologies ASX LNU Hemisphere personalised advertising
The personalised advertising solution will be made available globally and carries zero development cost to Linius.

Linius Technologies (ASX: LNU) has developed a technology that could shake-up the global advertising industry. The new adtech solution offers advertisers the ability to deliver hyper-personalised ads – targeted at specific viewers through a combination of granular contextual, consumption and AI-generated data – while also bypassing ad blocking software.

“The ads are immune to ad blockers because they’re delivered as a single stream of data,” said Linius chief executive officer Chris Richardson.

“This prototype offers a great opportunity to disrupt the global advertising industry.”

Developed in partnership with New Zealand-based internet solutions company Hemisphere, the hyper-personalised advertising prototype will be made globally available via Linius’ Software-as-a-Service platform Linius Video Services (LVS), enabling advertisers to deliver ad blocker immune advertising.

The prototype provides advertisers with the opportunity to target individuals with specifically tailored ads, which are unique to them.

According to Linius, those individualised ads can also be inserted at any point in time within a digital video stream.

Mr Richardson said the prototype was a logical extension of the company’s strategy to encourage partners and third-parties to build solutions with virtual video on LVS.

“The hyper-personalised advertising prototype offers previously impossible data combinations, which power hyper-targeted ad delivery and analysis,” Mr Richardson explained.

“This is made possible by treating video as data with Linius video virtualisation technology.”

Global ad spend hit US$589.5 billion in 2018, according to Dentsu Aegis Network’s Global Ad Spend Forecasts 2018, with online video advertising anticipated to grow at an average of 18% per annum between 2018 and 2021.

Hemisphere managing director Glyn Beaumont said the prototype offered advertisers a unique combination of data points through which to target audiences, delivering one-to-one promotions at an “unmatched level of personalisation”.

“For the first time, advertisers can combine viewer, contextual and frame-level consumption data with AI-generated metadata,” Mr Beaumont said.

“No two people ever need see the same advertisement again, improving the ability to monetise ad catalogues and drive product engagement.”

Hemisphere has invested in the development of the prototype and will receive a 10% share of the transaction revenue earned through the use of the personalised advertising solution.

Hemisphere specialises in the creation and monetisation of online video delivery services, having worked with multinational companies, including Fox Sports, Comcast, NewsCorp, NBC Universal and CNN.

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