Lindian Resources confirms ‘stunning’ alumina grades at Gaoual bauxite project

Lindian Resources ASX LIN Bouba conglomerate bauxite plateaux alumina grades Guinea
Lindian Resources has confirmed high grades of alumina across two extensions of the Bouba Plateau in Guinea ahead of releasing its maiden resource.

Laboratory testing of extensions to the Bouba conglomerate bauxite plateau within Lindian Resources’ (ASX: LIN) Gaoual project in Guinea has confirmed high grades of alumina averaging more than 50%.

Resource drilling along the Bouba Plateau earlier this year confirmed it as containing “very high-grade” conglomerate bauxite with northern and southern extensions later discovered in March.

Further drilling was undertaken at these extensions, named Bouba North and Bouba South, with samples undergoing XRF analysis to determine the alumina grade.

Three drill holes at Bouba North recorded average alumina grades of between 50-54.4%, while four holes at Bouba South recovered more than 54% alumina with the highest average grade being 58.5% alumina.

In today’s announcement, Lindian described the “consistently” recovered grades as “absolutely stunning”.

“Laboratory confirmation that these two new areas are verified to be very high-grade conglomerate bauxite is a brilliant outcome as this continues to build scale for this amazing project,” Lindian managing director Shannon Green said.

Further testing

Lindian said digestion tests will be undertaken on selected samples over the coming weeks to determine the silica classification and the recovery performance of the material at low and high temperatures.

The company also noted in its announcement that the conglomerate bauxite has been logged from surface to the basal unconformable contact across the full extent of both areas and consistent with the plateau, there is no cover in either area.

According to Lindian, this means it can be assumed the digestion test results will be similar to the test results from the Bouba Plateau – showing the “very high recovery and quality” of the conglomerate bauxite.

“The extensions will no doubt add considerable scale to the very high-grade conglomerate bauxite, further strengthening the significance of the Bouba Plateau and the entire project area, leaving no doubt this is a world-class discovery,” the company stated.

Resource estimate ahead

According to Lindian, the latest results also confirmed the project’s resource has grown from the primary resource defined in the first set of assays, yet the resource does not appear to have altered in grade or quality.

The company is planning to complete JORC-compliant resource modelling and release a statement once the final digestion work is completed.

“Confirmation from the independent geological expert that we are on track to deliver our inaugural JORC-compliant resource statement before mid-year is a significant step towards the development of this incredible project,” Mr Green said.

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