Lifespot Health launches Medihale sealed pod inhaler to medical cannabis market in Australian first

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By Lorna Nicholas - 
Lifespot Health ASX LSH Medihale sealed pod inhaler medical cannabis market Australia

Doctors can now prescribe Lifespot Health’s Medihale sealed pod inhaler devices under the TGA’s SAS portal.


Lifespot Health (ASX: LSH) has achieved first sales of its medical cannabis inhaler to Australian patients under the Therapeutic Goods Administration’s (TGA) Special Access Scheme (SAS).

The company has officially launched its Medihale sealed pod inhaler device in Melbourne, with the first patient group using the device, pod and third-party EC Pharma’s cannabidiol e-liquid.

Lifespot chief executive officer Matthew Golden told Small Caps early feedback on Medihale from patients has been “very positive” due to the fast onset, ease of use, portability and discreet nature of the device.

According to Lifespot, Medihale is the first sealed pod inhaler device of its kind available in Australia.

It uses a tamper resistant pod to deliver medical grade e-liquids for inhalation.

Available through SAS portal

Patients can get a subscription for the device from their doctors via the TGA’s SAS portal.

The premium starter kit comprises the control and battery unit, protective carrying and charging case, as well as a charging cable.

Medihale is designed for repeat usage of replaceable sealed pods. The pods can be filled with medicinal cannabis e-liquid formations that are supplied from strategic partners.

The Medihale pods are initially being filled using EC Pharma’s proprietary CBD formula with additional offerings expected later this year.

Medical benefits

Lifespot noted that in clinical studies, vaping cannabinoids results in greater peak blood plasma levels in a short time compared to oral ingestion, making them ideal for patients seeking fast onset of action.

Additionally, the Journal of the American Medical Association Network published a 2018 clinical study that claims using a vaporiser for CBD compounds avoided the respiratory risks associated with smoking it.

“Furthermore, utilising proprietary e-liquid cannabinoid formulations allows physicians to select which cannabinoids and their doses are being prescribed to the patient, a feature not possible when smoking of vaping flower,” Mr Golden explained.

Another advantage to using a vaporiser is the higher bioavailability of the CBD compared to oral administration or smoking flower.

“This allows for less cannabinoid loss due to ingestion or smoking, resulting in reduced costs to patients administered cannabinoids via vaporisers,” Mr Golden added.