KNeoMedia reports increased uptake of KneoWorld online educational platform as schools move to home-based learning

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With the US closing most schools due to COVID-19, KNeoMedia has moved quickly to direct its KneoWorld eLearning SaaS platform into the home environment under remote teacher instruction and assessment.

Online education publisher KNeoMedia (ASX: KNM) has reported rapid uptake and growth of its KneoWorld remote eLearning software-as-a-service platform across the US as students commence home-based learning due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The company moved quickly to direct the platform into the home environment under remote teacher instruction and assessment after most schools across the country announced they would close in the wake of COVID-19.

It has used its content management system to deploy a 60-day program of instructional story-based online lessons which teachers can provide to students on a daily basis.

The program was completed in time for US students returning from their spring vacation to a stay-at-home virtual school environment.

It allows teachers to measure virtual attendances, time engaged on the platform and student progression, and can address individual progress and provide ongoing tailored instructions where needed.

Free access

Schools have been offered free access to the platform and free lesson plans for the first 60 day program, with payment required thereafter to ensure continuity of service.

KNeoMedia chief executive officer James Kellett said the free period encouraged rapid engagement with schools and teachers.

“In the first two days [after deployment of our content], 10 new schools across seven US states were onboarded and several schools which are existing fully-licensed users of our platform in their classrooms asked to take up the remote learning option,” he said.

“This confirms that teachers need assistance in eLearning and also in providing remote meaningful and assessable education.”

Mr Kellett said the company was able to easily switch the cloud-based KneoWorld to a remote operating environment to ensure the health of KNeoMedia staff and the completion of product updates, sales initiatives and new partner agreements during COVID-19.

COVID-19 deployment

Deployment of KneoWorld into schools under KNeoMedia’s ‘Connect All Kids’ program has become a high priority for the company’s US customer base which includes the New York Department of Education.

KNeoMedia is also offering its online solution to schools in other countries impacted by COVID-19, namely the Philippines, Australia and the UK.

Mr Kellett said while interest from new markets is materialising, the majority of KNeoMedia’s current focus remains on securing ongoing US sales.

“New York City and the broader New York State is a critical market for us, and we are determined to reap the benefits from our investment [in these regions] over the last few years,” he said.

“We are working hard to navigate our way through this COVID-19 period [and] we are also putting in place the building blocks so we emerge strongly from it.”

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