Kairos Minerals discovers 223 conglomerate-style gold nuggets at Pilbara project

Kairos Minerals ASX KAI gold nuggets Pilbara project Croydon
Kairos Minerals has uncovered 223 conglomerate-style gold nuggets weighing 656g at its Pilbara gold project.

Western Australia’s Pilbara is home to yet another conglomerate-style gold nugget discovery after Kairos Minerals (ASX: KAI) revealed it had uncovered 223 nuggets within a new area of its Croydon tenements.

Part of Kairos’ wholly-owned Pilbara gold project, the “extensive area” of conglomerate-hosted gold nuggets were identified at Croydon during ground-based exploration activities.

The 223 recovered gold nuggets totalled 656 grams (21.1 ounces) and were found about 2km from a nugget patch identified in late 2018/early 2019.

According to Kairos, the nuggets range in weight between 0.5g and 17g and possess the watermelon seed shape that triggered the Pilbara gold rush in 2017 and 2018 due to a likeness to South Africa’s Witwatersrand reef, which is the world’s largest known gold deposit.

Kairos executive chairman Terry Topping said the company’s 2019 Pilbara field season was off to a “great start” with the “significant breakthrough” discovery of a conglomerate-style visible gold and nuggets.

“This is the first time that we have found intact gold nuggets hosted directly in rock on our tenements – a really exciting development,” he explained.

He added the conglomerate horizon extended along 700m of strike and appeared to be 200m wide.

“The conglomerate horizon occurs at surface, and is, therefore, easily accessible from the perspective of metal detecting and potential future sampling and trial mining.”

Mr Topping noted the conglomerate horizon was “directly analogous” to TSXV-listed Novo Resources’ mineralisation found at the Purdy’s Reward project and pointed out how widespread this style of gold mineralisation was in the Pilbara.

“We have so far identified multiple high-priority gold targets over 22km of strike, established access tracks to facilitate 4WD-assisted exploration and now discovered our seventh significant nugget patch – this time with gold hosted directly in the conglomerate sequence.”

“Field exploration activities are continuing with sampling, mapping and metal detecting and we are looking forward to reporting further results as they come to hand.”

Coziron’s gold nugget find

News of Kairos’ discovery follows Coziron Resources’ (ASX: CZR) reported find at its own Croydon project in the Pilbara last week.

The company revealed a prospector had uncovered 203 gold nuggets with a combined weight of 75.3g at the Top Camp and Middle Valley prospects.

Coziron plans to carry out drilling, surface sampling and mapping across the prospects to follow up on the discoveries.

Pilbara gold rush

The 2017/2018 gold rush in the Pilbara was sparked by Novo and partner Artemis Resources (ASX: ARV) when the duo revealed numerous conglomerate-style watermelon seed-shaped gold nuggets had been discovered at Purdy’s Reward, which is about 45km from Karratha.

This was followed by other explorers announcing their own discoveries – triggering a rush to peg up ground in the region.

Explorers theorise the Pilbara may host a similar deposit to Witwatersrand which has produced more than 1.5 billion ounces of gold.

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