Janison Education lands groundbreaking $45m contract for digital testing in NSW

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By Imelda Cotton - 
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Janison Education (ASX: JAN) has signed a multi-million dollar agreement with the New South Wales government and Cambridge University Press & Assessment to deliver computer-based selective education placement tests using a digital assessment platform.

The company has been appointed by the state’s education department to provide annual services for over 30,000 high-potential and gifted students who sit the selective high school and opportunity class placement tests.

Currently, these tests are completed in a paper-based format once each year.

Janison’s computer-based alternative is expected to offer increased efficiency, flexibility, security and accessibility for students, along with a more engaging and interactive testing experience.

The company’s scope of work will include the supply of the computer-based tests and assessment platform, as well as management of test centres and test supervision.

The initial five-year contract will commence in 2025 and is expected – provided all work stages are approved – to generate up to $45 million in revenue.

The NSW education department reserves the right to extend the contract for a further five-year term.

Digital transformation

Janison founder Wayne Houlden said the company was pleased to be managing the digital transformation of testing in NSW.

“This agreement extends the working relationship that Janison and the NSW education department have had for over 20 years,” he said.

“It is the largest contract signed in Janison’s history and demonstrates the value of our digital assessment platform for hosting high-stakes assessments.”

He said the contract also enhances Janison’s relationship with Cambridge as the two companies will collaborate on placement test specification design, test content development, panelling, marking and scoring.

Development work

Janison expects to start development work on the digital assessment platform and services this year.

Key deliverables include the digitisation of test administration procedures, the development of an on-demand practice-test environment and implementation, configuration and piloting of the system.

A full roll-out of the platform for the NSW education department will be completed in 2025.